Better General Hospital Man: Can Spencer Cassadine Change For Trina?


Spencer Cassadine has never been a good boy on General Hospital. He was a smug, condescending, and self-important pre-teen. And he didn’t really lose any of those qualities as an adult. He just got a little smoother.

General Hospital Polling

He schemed against his stepmother, Ava (Maura West), he schemed against his dad, Nikolas (Adam Huss), and now he is scheming with his uncle Victor against his ex-girlfriend and his brother’s baby mama, Esme (Avery Kristen Pohl). The only bright — and good — spot in his life is Trina (Tabyana Ali). But, right now, Trina is too good for Spencer (Nicholas Alexander Chavez). Could he ever change just for her? Here’s what over 2,000 voters expect.

Out of GH Sight, Out of Mind

Sure, Spencer straightens up and flies right whenever Trina is in the room, 26% of you sigh. But the minute she’s gone, Spencer reverts to his worst instincts. It’s like he has the memory of a goldfish, which doesn’t bode well for anyone’s future.

Spencer Cassadine Is Spoiled Rotten On General Hospital

Maybe if Nik hadn’t spoiled Spencer rotten as a child, he’d have a chance of becoming a tolerable adult. But that ship has sailed, 30% of the audience sighs. Spencer is an entitled, spoiled brat, and no woman, not even one as amazing as Trina, will ever be able to change that. He’s a lost cause. He’s too far gone to the dark side.

Love of a Good GH Woman

Trina reaches Spencer where no one else has ever been able to before, 44% of true romantics cheer. Just look at his face when she walks into a room. Dude melts. And when a guy reacts like that to a woman, we know she can make him do anything, be anything, accept anything. It’s not even that Trina tells Spencer who to be. Spencer wants to be the man Trina deserves. That’s love. That’s romance. That’s Spencer and Trina.

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