Big Brother 25 Is Hiding The Real Nature Of The Houseguests (The Editors Only Show The Good)


Big Brother 25’s live feeds have shown what life is really like in the BB house, but why are the weekly episodes editing out negative behavior?

Big Brother 25’s run may almost be over, but the season has provided a narrow view of the houseguests true behavior, which has been exposed time and time again on the BB live feeds. While BB viewers typically watch the edited episodes that CBS runs 3 times per week, some also indulge in the live feeds. A 24-hour stream, the Big Brother live feeds provide an unedited, unfiltered look at what the houseguests are up to. At times, the BB live feeds show a much clearer picture of what’s happening in the house than the weekly episodes, as the editing can only provide so much of the story.

In the weekly episodes of Big Brother 25, the focus has to be on the motion of the game. The episodes have to air the Head Of Household competition, nomination ceremony, Power Of Veto competition, veto ceremony, and eviction each week. Split between 3 episodes, there’s still not always time to show the story of what’s happening in the house. Regardless, the fact that Big Brother episodes tend to ignore the potentially controversial views their houseguests may have. While the editors are working with a lot of footage, Big Brother covers up the content that would make houseguests look bad publicly.

Big Brother Covered Up Jared Fields’ Abelist Rhetoric

Early in the game, Survivor legend Cirie Fields and her son Jared Fields were working together secretly to build alliances on both sides of the house. They’d pulled in Izzy Gleicher, who had come to Jared on the first night of the game to ask if he was Cirie’s son after recognizing him from his appearance on his mother’s social media and a quick cameo he’d done on Survivor. Cirie, Jared, and Izzy had decided to form a 4-person alliance with Cory Wurtenberger early in the game called the Crossroads, which positioned them in a good spot with the rest of the house still circling beneath them.

Early in the game, Cory had often been paired up with America Lopez. Since the rest of the house was pushing them together, the duo decided to form a final 2. Their alliance quickly became a showmance, which eventually budded into a full-blown relationship, but Jared and Izzy had reservations about their alliance-mate working with America. In a moment of anger, Jared used an ableist slur against America, which was only alluded to on the live feeds. Jared confirmed he’d said it to Cory, but there was never backlash or punishment for his breach of the BB code of conduct. Instead, he was allowed to continue playing the game.

The BB Episodes Didn’t Show The Emotionally Manipulative Side Of Cameron Hardin

Cameron Hardin was quick to become a casual favorite on Big Brother 25. Being painted as the villain of the season from early on, Cameron broke up his early alliance, Family Style, in the first week of the competition, beginning his time as the number 1 target in the game. Cameron is a physical competitor, making it difficult to push him out of the game as he was able to win competitions to secure his safety. Cameron had a target on his back from early on in the game due to his physical competition prowess, but his behavior in the house was never truly shown for what it was.

Though many casual fans were happy to watch Cameron as the underdog in the game, the live feed viewers were aware that he wasn’t kind-hearted. Cameron often made off-handed sexual remarks about the other houseguests, especially America and Reilly Smedley. Cameron’s commentary caused houseguests to, at times, feel uncomfortable leaving America alone with him as they weren’t sure if he was going to make unwanted advances. Cameron’s off-color comments were uncomfortable and left many confounded as to how he wasn’t being edited to be more of a villain on the weekly episodes. Rather than showing Cameron’s unwelcome sexual remarks, the episodes featured America less so they didn’t have to explain his behavior.


Big Brother 25 Refused To Explore Cory Wurtenberger & America Lopez’s Relationship

Although Cory and America’s showmance evolved throughout their time in the house, casual viewers of the show haven’t seen their relationship develop like live feed viewers. While the weekly Big Brother episodes mostly implied Cory and America’s relationship was evolving and poked fun at them for their life experiences, the live feed viewers got to see a genuine connection form between the pair. Cory, a 21-year-old student, came into BB with a showmance as the last thing on his mind but quickly bonded with the flirty receptionist with a huge secret about her background. A graduate from Brown University, America tried to play down her intelligence in the house.

Cory had a secret of his own coming into the game, keeping it quiet that his brother had been on a previous season of Survivor. Cory and America’s relationship continued to develop as the game continued, and watching their superfan showmance unfold on the Big Brother live feeds was refreshing for viewers after years of manufactured showmances on the series. Though many expected to see the couple develop within episodes, the lack of content surrounding their relationship has been surprising to Big Brother viewers. Knowing that the pair established a genuine relationship in the house, even exchanging “I love you”’s, Big Brother’s lack of development felt off.

Houseguests Like Matt Klotz & Jag Bains Got A Hero Edit, Ignoring Their Bad Behavior

Throughout the game, Jag Bains has been aligned with Deaflympic gold medalist Matt Klotz. The pair has been working as a power duo in the house, with Jag officially breaking the record for competition wins in the game after his most recent veto win. Though Matt and Jag lack some of the more strategic gameplay of the season, both have been working to get to the end with whoever they can leverage. Jag and Matt were instrumental in evicting some of their closest allies, but their inability to separate their game relationships and personal relationships has made watching their moves more difficult for those invested in the BB live feeds.

With Matt and Jag both driving forces behind evicting Cameron, Cory, and America, they chose to make things personal in their attacks on the housgeusts rather than simply evicting them for gameplay-based reasons. Matt and Jag harped on Cameron’s twisted riddles and attempts to work strategically against the other side of the house, vilifying Cameron when it was convenient for them. After Cameron was evicted, the duo went after Cory and America, getting nasty about their relationship to clear their consciences about having to evict their friends. They’ve been shown as heroes on the Big Brother episodes when in reality, they’ve been trashing everyone personally behind their backs.

BB Episodes Don’t Show The Mob Mentality Houseguests Fall Into Word

Although it’s part of the Big Brother experience, the live episodes try to paint the houseguests out to be free-thinking and independent the majority of the time. Rather than showing the level of mob mentality that the houseguests tend to fall into season after season, Big Brother 25 has chosen to try and allow the lies that the houseguests spin to take the lead in the edited episodes. Rather than trying to spell out the complex social situations taking place in the game, the series has taken the easier route and fabricated a story for the edited episodes that barely scratches the surface of BB 25.

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