Blue Bloods Fans Are ‘Disappointed’ That the CBS Drama Will Take ‘Another Hiatus’


After it was confirmed that Blue Bloods would not return to regular programming next week, CBS viewers took to social media in outrage.

Blue Bloods fans were ecstatic this week to see Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) and Jamie Reagan (Will Estes) working on a case together. The excitement, however, came to a halt when it was revealed that the CBS drama would not be returning in its usual time slot.

Blue Bloods fans tuned in on Friday for another thrilling episode of the generational procedural drama.

When detective Abigail Baker (Abigail Hawke) became the subject of an internal investigation, the highly respected Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) clashed with his team.

In other news, his sons Danny and Jamie, both law enforcement officers, joined forces to investigate a series of carjackings in the city.

As the episode, titled Smoke and Mirrors, came to a close, viewers noticed the preview for the next episode was missing and quickly realized Blue Bloods would be taking a break.

Fans took to social media to lash out at the network and express their displeasure with the upcoming hiatus.

@karinavergarap tweeted, “Tonight’s episode of @BlueBloods_CBS was amazing… It’s too bad there will be another break.”

“Disappointed to not hear, stay tuned to scenes from our next episode,” an enraged @1buckeyetom tweeted.

“Loved tonight’s episode so much,” a third viewer added. I’m going to miss watching new episodes for the next two weeks. “I’m looking forward to watching the season’s final episodes.”


“No #preview for next week’s #bluebloods,” @mypov86 realized. That means there will be no new episode.”

“Why no new episode next week?!?” wondered @Jipcrose.

Meanwhile, @wahlberg4evaluv tweeted, “No new #bluebloods next week!!” “I didn’t hear Tom Selleck say anything about staying tuned for scenes from our next episode.”

Despite a scheduling change, Blue Bloods will eventually return on Friday, April 21.

While the reason for the delay has not been revealed, most dramas go on hiatus to generate interest in another episode.

Blue Bloods’ season 13 finale is rapidly approaching, and executives want to ensure that the show maintains consistent ratings.

Fortunately for fans, the season finale will not be the end of the series, as Blue Bloods has been renewed and will return with season 14.

In terms of episode 18, CBS has also remained tight-lipped about the upcoming episode, with no title or promo trailer released.

However, TVLine revealed a major spoiler on Monday, confirming Magnum P.I. star Larry Manetti’s appearance as retired cop Sam Velucci.

This will undoubtedly be an exciting episode for Tom Selleck, who previously co-starred in the 1980s hit drama with Larry.

Fans will have to wait and see how Sam becomes involved with the Reagans, and if he will even appear alongside Tom.

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