General Hospital Loyalty Oath: What Does Cyrus Renault Really Want From Drew?


Will Drew’s  General Hospital connection to Sonny help or hurt him?

Cyrus and Drew were both in prison on General Hospital. But Cyrus has just won an early release, and Drew is still recovering from the beating he got in prison — for going against Cyrus.

General Hospital Polling

What does the master criminal have planned for the bad-ass Navy seal who doesn’t know enough to protect his back when he is bare-ass in a prison shower? Almost 2,000 voters gave us their opinions.

Cyrus Renault: Save a Life, Own a Dude

An optimistic 9% of the audience believes that Cyrus (Jeff Kober) will choose to look out for Drew (Cameron Mathison) behind bars because Drew saved Cyrus’s life, back when he had an attack of…something or other. Cyrus does know how to hold a grudge, but he also knows how to be loyal. To those who deserve it. Drew deserves it.

 General Hospital: Friend of My Enemy

Life, shmife, “what have you done for me lately?” is what 29% of the fans presume Cyrus is thinking. Yeah, Drew, you saved my life. But everybody knows you’re Team Sonny (Maurice Benard). And anybody who’s Team Sonny is a threat to Team Cyrus. Which is why you’re going to have to die. Tough break, bro, but you brought it upon yourself. Pick a lane. And I don’t like the lane you picked. So prepare to be run over.


Cyrus Renault: A Little of This, a Little of That

In the end, though, 62% of you really feel for poor Cyrus. He’d like to help Drew out. He does owe him. But he knows that Drew will never be loyal to him. Sonny will always come first. Just like he does with all right-thinking people of Port Charles. And Puerto Rico. (Why does Sonny keep calling Puerto Rico his island? Did he buy it from the U.S.?) So Cyrus would like to do something nice for Drew, but there’s always Sonny to consider. He’ll just keep his options open for the time being.

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