General Hospital Spoiler: Eddie Maine To The Rescue! Will This Serve To Jog His Memory At All?


General Hospital spoilers reveal that Eddie Main (Wally Kurth) can be the hero. Will his heroic actions help bring back his memory? Will the bar brawl be the thing that brings Ned Quartermaine back?

Frustrating Wait

As Ned Quartermaine raced across the Metro Court pool courtyard to tell Drew Cain (Cameron Mathison) some important news, he tripped on some towels and fell. He hit his head hard and fell into the pool. Drew fished him out and started CPR.

When Ned woke up later at GH, he did not know who he was. He believed that he was Eddie Maine, his musical alter ego. Eddie Maine had been his stage name at one point. The problem was that Ned believed he was Eddie and didn’t remember his family at all.

This has been painful for everyone, but especially Ned’s wife Olivia Falconeri Quartermaine (Lisa LoCicero) and their autistic son, Leo Quartermaine (Easton Rocket Sweda). Leo doesn’t understand why his father doesn’t remember him and says that he isn’t his father. They have been unable to get Eddie to snap out of it and remember.

Bar Fight

Will a bar fight be the thing that jogs Eddie’s memory? As Eddie tried flirting with Carly Spencer (Laura Wright) at the bar, Mason Gatlin (Nathanyael Grey) started hitting on Olivia.


Then Mason started trying to touch her. She yelled at him and pushed him off of her. Eddie came to the rescue and punched Mason. Mason shoved Eddie against the bar and then knocked him to the floor.

Carly Spencer was the one who took Mason down, by hitting him on the back of the head with a bottle. For now, the fight is over, and the two men are on the floor. But Eddie is coming to and asked if he took Mason out. Olivia said that he did.

The question is, will Eddie remember now that he is actually Ned Quartermaine? Will that punch that took him to the ground help to clear his mind and bring back his memory?

Or was it not significant enough? Eddie did at least realize that Olivia was in trouble and cared enough to try to help her out. That means something for sure.

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