General Hospital Spoilers: Ava Goes Full Jerome On Austin After Vows To Make Him Pay


According to General Hospital spoilers, Ava Jerome (Maura West) has been informed of Austin Holt’s (Roger Howarth) true identity by Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard).

Austin had been working with his cousin Mason Gatlin (Nathanyael Gray) for a while, but Ava was unaware of this. Austin might wish he was dealing with Cyrus Renault (Jeff Kober) instead of Ava when she unleashes her rage on him.

Austin Holt Has Been Under Suspicion For A While

General Hospital Spoilers indicate that Sonny has been suspicious of Austin for some time. Once Ava told him what happened to Nikolas and how Austin helped her, Sonny knew something was up.

Sonny couldn’t believe that Ava couldn’t sense the same thing. Ava’s intuition was much better when she was still a mob boss.

Ava was completely in disbelief when Sonny informed her that Austin and Mason were both working for Cyrus. Ava asked Sonny how that was possible.

Sonny informed Ava how he planted the fake evidence for Betty Rutherford (Ella Lentini) to find to hand over to the boss. Shortly thereafter, Austin showed up at Pentonville to visit a patient and Sonny got arrested.

Austin Holt Helped Cyrus Renault Go Free

Both inside and outside of prison, Sonny has many enemies. But the fact that Austin was present for a parole hearing at the time Ava was abducted cannot be a coincidence. Austin had a significant role in Cyrus’s release from Pentonville.

After Sonny gives her a very clear picture of what transpired, Ava eventually starts to see the wider picture.


Ava continues to stand up for Austin until Sonny reminds her that Cyrus was Austin’s superior and that Austin neglected to alert her to the danger that day.

If Austin were trying to protect her that was the least he could do. Then Ava found out that Nikolas Cassadine (Adam Huss) was alive and Austin pretended not to know it. Austin allowed her to believe this to manipulate her all of this time.

Ava Jerome Is Out For Blood

Now that Ava has taken the time to rethink everything that went down, Ava is furious and out for blood. Austin has used Ava for the late time and she is ready to make him pay.

It’s time for Ava to make a big comeback and let Austin know exactly who he is dealing with. Austin needs to realize that Ava hasn’t always been a softy, after all.

Maybe Ava will put Austin in a cell and tell him some of the things that happened to her when Mason was holding her. Ava could just opt to shoot him to end the situation.

Mason may be given to Sonny by Ava, who may then allow him to determine his own course. What will Austin pretend to be?

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