General Hospital Spoilers: Can Selina Keep Sonny’s Family Safe — For A Price?


General Hospital spoilers suggest that when Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) dangled the Pikeman carrot in front of Sonny Corinthos’ nose, he may have been overly eager to expand his company into other markets. Always taking chances, Sonny didn’t seem to consider the fact that he had less support now when he hedged his bets and invested everything in the government defense contractor.

Without a guy like Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) on his side, who is going to run the business while Sonny is tangled up in what looks like federal charges that are going to put him away for life? Fortunately, he has more people in his corner than he realizes, but the woman who rises to the occasion for him may not be the person everyone is expecting it to be.

Danger Looms For Sonny Corinthos’s Family

Everyone who is connected to Sonny is aware of the likely nature of his next court dispute. Sonny has defied the odds numerous times previously, and money is not an issue.

It will be more difficult to escape federal charges, but not by nearly as much as it will be to keep his family safe while he is detained and unable to post bond.

Carly Spencer (Laura Wright) may be the ideal candidate to captain his ship while he is away, but the Five Families might not appreciate that arrangement given that she is Sonny’s ex-wife, emphasis on ex.


Claim Selina Wu Is A Savior

Selina Wu (Lydia Look) and Sonny have gone round for round over the last year about their alliances. Every time something fishy happens, Sonny wasn’t opposed to inquiring about Selina’s potential involvement.

He hasn’t liked her cozying up to his cousin, Gladys Corbin (Bonnie Burroughs), and he doesn’t entirely trust that she’s going to leave Curtis Ashford (Donnell Turner) and his family alone while Curtis adjusts to life in a wheelchair.

If there’s one thing Sonny has come to know about Selina, it’s that her wants come first. Still, she does fear the don, and she may be willing to go to bat for him if it means he’ll scratch her itch in return.

You Don’t Get Something For Nothing

Selina has only ever really desired more power. But in a criminal marketplace where Sonny has a monopoly on Port Charles, that is difficult to do.

If the mob boss wants to make a deal with Selina that she protects his family while he is otherwise unavailable in prison, will he have to give up portion of his territory?

Could it be that she initiated these events in order to put him in a position where she would be required to assist him? Everything is conceivable.

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