General Hospital Spoilers: Cody Is Falling For Sasha, But Will She Return His Feelings?


Spoilers for General Hospital reveal While it’s obvious that Cody Bell (Josh Kelly) has been crushing on Sasha Gilmore Corbin (Sofia Mattsson) for a while, Sasha doesn’t seem to be ready for a romantic relationship. Who could blame her, given all she’s been through? Sasha won’t remain as oblivious to Cody’s feelings for her as she has, but it’s unlikely that he will force her to pursue anything she’s not ready for.

Does Sasha’s readiness to confront Cody about his feelings for her mean that she’s finally ready for more? She was devastated to lose Brando Corbin (Johnny Wactor), and she might continue to hold back if she thinks about falling in love with someone after seemingly losing everyone she loves.

General Hospital Spoilers — “It’s Over”

Tension in the room was evident when Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna) stormed into the Ferncliff room and halted Dr. Damon Montague (Darin Toonder) in his tracks. When Cody told Sasha it was all over, she was overjoyed.

Even though she collapsed into his arms, Sasha gave the kind of hug we would have anticipated from her. By no way do these two see one other as more than just buddies.

Is Sasha going to spend the rest of her life trying to make sense of what happened to her, rather than moving on from it now that it’s all over and she can move on?


Hint the Clean-Up Begins

Sasha’s life has been a mess for some time now — some fans think for too long, and they’re tired of her entire life’s story being about rebounding from awful things that have happened to her.

Sasha is constantly portrayed as a victim who needs someone else to save her from herself, despite the writers’ efforts to convey a message of strength by showing her capacity to overcome all of her obstacles.

We’re hoping that this time she recovers from all the trauma a little quicker. Though his efforts to save Sasha from Ferncliff are only the first steps toward his role as her rescuer, we can’t help but believe that Cody will ultimately save Sasha’s life.

Cody Bell Comes Through Again And Again

Something tells us nothing but time and patience is going to bring these two together. Sasha lost her husband. She lost Liam Mike Corbin, her baby boy.

Now, she’s lost her mother-in-law, the only family she felt she had left. Cody will have to show up continually and make Sasha feel sure she’s not going to lose him before she can ready herself to let him into her heart. How soon will that happen?

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