General Hospital Spoilers: Drew Gets Another Heartwarming Reunion


Drew Cain reunites with Sam and Scout.

General Hospital spoilers for November 7, 2023, tease reunions, much-needed advice-giving, ethical battles and so much more. Don’t miss a minute of this brand–new episode.

General Hospital Spoiler Highlights

Drew (Cameron Mathison) is in a very thankful place. He’s out of Pentonville, breathing fresh air, and he owes it all to his loved ones who engineered his freedom. His reunion tour started with Carly (Laura Wright), who was determined to get her man released. Next up: Sam (Kelly Monaco) and Scout (Cosette Abinante).

Sam is beyond ecstatic to see Drew at her door. The two reconnect right before the ex-con sees an overjoyed Scout for a heartwarming and emotional reunion.

GH Spoilers: Stepping Up

For months, Anna (Finola Hughes) had a mysterious target on her back, not knowing Charlotte (Scarlett Fernandez) was the source of the ex-spy’s troubles. Well, she knows now because she accidentally shot Valentin’s daughter on Halloween. Look for Sonny (Maurice Benard) to once again show up for his friend in the wake of this latest disaster.

Meanwhile, Robert (Tristan Rogers) always has something to say regardless of what’s going on. Will Port Charles’ resident DA offer his two cents on why teenaged villain-in-training Charlotte broke into Anna’s place? Or is Anna’s theory involving the guy from an old WSB case being the stalker still in play?


General Hospital Spoilers: Advice and Ethics

These days, Curtis’s (Donnell Turner) life is complicated, and family members like Stella (Vernee Watson) aren’t holding their advice back. Pretty soon, he’ll face more wise words. Will it have to do with his recovery, his parenting style, or whether he should sell The Savoy? Let’s hope there’s a Selena Wu (Lydia Look) sighting in Curtis’s future.

Gregory (Gregory Harrison) and Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) don’t just love to debate and discuss minute details all the livelong day. They like to take action, too. Watch for this journalistic duo to team up and tackle an ethical issue. Does this have to do with Drew’s case and their handling of it? Or could they be weighing in on the shooting that happened at Anna’s apartment?

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