General Hospital Spoilers: Heather Keeping BIG Secret, Knows She’s Not Esme’s Mom?


General Hospital spoilers tease that evil amnesiac Esme Prince (Avery Pohl) believes that she has two psychos who gave her life—what if this is wrong? If so everything changes!

Esme Prince The Victim

As of right now, viewers have been made to believe that crazy Ryan Chamberlain (Jon Lindstrom) is Esme’s father and that Heather Webber (Alley Mills) is her biological mother. If such were the case, it would help to explain Esme’s life in the dumpster fire.

But what if psychotic Heather kidnapped Esme as a child and convinced herself that she gave birth to the teenager who has committed heinous crimes in her brief existence?

Is Esme’s History All Wrong?

Heather is what you would call compromised. So, she may have spun a tale about her being Esme’s birth mom but ditched the infant when she realized the effort it took to care for a baby. Could it be that when Heather gave Esme up for adoption, Esme wasn’t hers to give up?

Ryan is dead and Heather is in Ferncliff, an asylum for the criminally insane. This leaves Esme with no support system. But, a creative rewrite could change everything. What if Esme’s real mom is someone normal, someone that can help her get her life back on track?


If you remember, the show hinted that Felicia Scorpio (Kristina Wagner) was Esme’s bio mom. Is it time to revisit this scenario?

Esme Prince’s Genetics Is Complicated

The show dropped this plot point, maybe because Felicia’s husband Mac Scorpio (John J. York) gained a long-lost child of his own, Cody Bell (Josh Kelly).

Cody lied to Mac despite knowing the truth. Given this lie, it’s highly possible that Felicia ends up being Esme’s biological mother in the program.

Esme’s biological mother might actually be someone else, though, since soap operas have a penchant for conjuring up the most absurd plot twists.

Anything Heather says should be regarded with a rock of salt since she is a kook. According to shocking program spoilers, Esme never stops looking for the truth about her history. And this might indicate that she learns Felicia is her biological mother! Who do you believe Esme’s real, actual, biological mother is, GH fans? Could Felicia be there?

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