General Hospital Spoilers: Lulu’s Return Stuns Dante, Sam Plays Dirty To Keep Him?


Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) and Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna) have been scorching up the General Hospital (GH) screen this summer, but if a Friday Cliffhanger scene is a key signal, that might all come to a screaming halt.

In the moment in question, Dante was seen bringing Charlotte Cassadine (Scarlett Fernandez) to visit her deceased mother Lulu Spencer. After the scene aired, GH viewers gushed on social media over Lulu returning to her family.

Is Lulu Spencer Coming Back To GH?

Charlotte had a heartbreaking scene with her mom, telling her how much she misses her and tries not to feel too different from the other kids at school.

Love is a wonderful medicine and if Charlotte continues to plead with her mom to come back to her, that may be what wakes Lulu from her coma.

Of course what could be wonderful for Charlotte might not be so terrific for Sam!

Sante are going strong, living together and sharing their lives, and Sam has made Dante happy after the loss of Lulu. But can Sam compare to Lulu in Dante’s eyes?

Lante Fans Happy


When it came to compatibility, Lulu and Dante were a match made in heaven. Fans believed they had a destiny despite their ups and downs. However, life marches on, and Dante has moved on with Sam; for many GH fans, Lante is forever even though Sante has compatibility (and wonderful sex).

Dante informed Lulu that he missed her and was sorry that she was still unconscious when he visited her.

Is this how the show teases Lulu’s impending awakening?

Lulu Spencer Will Come Back To GH?

Explosive In the upcoming days, there will be more regarding Lulu, according to General Hospital teasers. Dante will undoubtedly spend time conversing with Lulu if and when she awakens, assisting her in her recovery. Will the two star-crossed lovers’ past emotions triumph over them? Sam was never a choir girl, and if she senses Dante drifting away from her, she might become sly. On the other hand, Dante and/or Sam might suppress their emotions and act morally by calling it quits so Lulu can be happy.

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