General Hospital Spoilers: Martin Helps Himself To Cyrus’ Fortune!


General Hospital rumors hint that Cyrus Renault (Jeff Kober) recently said that he had problems with Martin Grey (Michael E Knight) in part because Martin was the decent brother and Cyrus was the criminal.

However, Cyrus is making a great deal out of turning his life around after recently having a heart attack and experiencing a near-death experience. Martin was even requested to assist him in donating his riches. Cyrus has made his living as a drug lord, therefore his success is a direct outcome of his life of crime.

Martin Grey Owes Sizable Alimony To Two Different Women!

While Martin hasn’t really exhibited any criminal tendencies, he has seemingly been a very bad husband. He has three ex-wives and he pays the first two a sizable alimony payment each month. Interestingly, he is the one who seemingly gets a hefty financial payout each month from the third. Regardless, Martin apparently hasn’t taken his previous marriages, or his vows, very seriously.

That said, at least until recently he seemed to be the perfect partner for Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring). Shockingly, although he doesn’t want his name attacked to it, he gave Lucy the idea for a new product that Lucy believes will make Lucy’s company Deception a fortune. But since Martin doesn’t want himself associated with the product, called the Deceptor, it appears he may have stolen someone else’s idea and gave it to Lucy!

Martin Grey Sees A Perfect Opportunity!


Cyrus’ request to liquidate might actually provide Martin a chance to move ahead on his alimony payments, even if it would be unethical to do so. Martin has made it obvious to Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring), his current girlfriend, that he does not intend to get married once more. Maybe he wouldn’t be so resentful about the idea of getting married again if he could pay off his ex-wives.

Cyrus asked for the money to be distributed, so Martin could easily excuse taking some of it, according to GH spoilers. Additionally, it might pay off his first two spouses. But Lucy probably won’t want to get married to Martin for very long if he stole the concept for the Deceptor.

Martin Grey Seemingly Stole The Idea For The Deceptor!

When Martin created a highly specific product for Lucy’s company, Deception, Lucy was astounded. The Deceptor is the name Lucy has given her creation, and she is currently producing it. However, Tracy Quartermaine (Jane Elliot) has essentially admitted to Brook Lynn Quartermaine (Amanda Setton) that Martin’s concept was not his original idea.

The source of Martin’s new innovation is unknown, although it probably has something to do with his third ex-wife, who resides in Pine Valley. If Lucy launches a new product that Martin truly stole, she could get into big problems!

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