General Hospital Spoilers: Sonny Sets The Stage For Cyrus To Ruin Carly And Drew’s Romance


Report on General Hospital Spoilers Even though Cameron Mathison was wearing a jumpsuit, Carly Spencer (Laura Wright) was overjoyed to meet Drew Cain (Cameron Mathison) last week. She placed a strong priority on persuading him to allow her to engage Diane Miller (Carolyn Hennesy) to explore an appeal of his conviction. Carly was among familiar company, but she couldn’t help but get distracted.

Austin Gatlin Holt (Roger Howarth) wasn’t the only pleasant face that she noticed, according to GH teasers. Will Dex Heller (Evan Hofer), who was there, make sense of everything after she discovers how Drew knows Book (Brad Schmidt)?

Book Logan Be Gone

When giving book orders from Sonny Corinthos, Decks was extremely clear. He was instructed to leave Drew alone at all times.

In fact, nobody in the cell block wants to approach Drew or hurt him in any way. Sure, on the surface, it appears as though Sonny is watching out for Drew, which would only make his ex-wife happy. But the truth might be a little darker.

Because he doesn’t want anyone to hurt Cyrus before he can handle his business with him as he sees fit, Sonny may be after Cyrus Renault and want to make sure Drew is safe.

We all know what that means in the mob world. but it’s also possible that Drew safety is being preserved only because Sonny wants to appear good and heroic and Carly’s eyes, bringing her back over to his side inch by inch.

Suggest Sonny Corinthos Wants Carly Spencer Back

At this point, would it surprise anyone to find that Sonny wants Carly to return? No, we believe. For months, these two ex-lovers have been covering up their affections for one another. Everyone is aware of how difficult it is to distinguish between love and hatred, particularly in Sonny’s case.


Carly still laments that loss and what he caused to her, but she also longs for things to feel comfortable once more.

It’s not that Carly doesn’t love Drew; she does; but she long ago realized that she will never experience the same kind of connection with another man as she does with Sonny.

Does this mean that all it takes for Sonny to get Carly back is merely wanting her back? Likely not. But he’s going to make some serious headway by appealing to wear. Her heart lies right now – and that is with Drew.

Will It Work?

Of course, Sonny is more concerned with preventing Book from interfering with anyone else who could be after Drew than he is with really safeguarding Drew.

Decks failed to deliver the commands for Brooke to defend Drew or step in if someone was attacking him.

Instead, it was obvious from the order that Book was not permitted to do so. To put it another way, is Sonny merely laying the groundwork for Cyrus to turn on Drew when he doesn’t get his way, knowing that the entire time it will appear that Sonny was on the right side and attempting to protect Drew?

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