General Hospital Spoilers Speculation: Adam Is Pushed Over the Edge


Will Joss suffer on GH?

GH spoilers really want us to pay attention to Adam’s behavior and to wonder what this means…for Joss. Adam’s mental health wouldn’t concern anyone if Joss weren’t in the mix, but there is a risk she could be hurt by his problems, and nobody wants to see that happen. So what’s in store for Adam, and how will this affect Joss?

Dangerous Man

Of course, there is always the possibility that Adam (Joshua Benard) is more of a danger to himself than he is to anyone else. But Joss (Eden McCoy) could become consumed with worry about her study partner. She could reach out to Adam simply for Adam’s sake.

I’ll Be Watching

On the other hand, Joss is so desirable that she drives all men mad, and Adam looks to some like a stalker in the making. He is obviously obsessed with her. His own problems are just an excuse to get closer to her. He will see Joss as the savior who can make all his problems go away, and her love as just the thing to soothe his savage soul. He’s right, of course, but Joss has her own life going on. She won’t have time for Adam. Which will only enrage him.


On The Edge

Adam is under a lot of pressure. His parents want him to study hard in school, get good grades, become a doctor. Being under such pressure could make him snap. It’s obvious that no one understands him. But Adam imagines that Joss will. This will lead him to fixate on her and, when he inevitably does snap, he will either turn on her, or force her to make the situation better. In whatever crazy manner Adam decides is necessary.

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