General Hospital Spoilers Speculation: Anna Is Furious with Valentin Over Charlotte


Will Charlotte’s crime break up the GH couple?

GH spoilers have teased that Valentin’s been keeping a Charlotte-sized secret from Anna. And, once she learns that his daughter has been stalking her, she will have to learn that Valentin knew — and kept it a secret from her.

GH Spoilers Speculation

Anna (Finola Hughes) understands what it means to protect your child. Look at the handsprings she turned defending Peter, even when his actions were indefensible, and he turned out to be her nephew. So, here’s how she’ll react to her lover’s betrayal.

General Hospital: Straight to the Source

Anna cares about Charlotte (Scarlett Fernandez) because she is Valentin’s (James Patrick Stuart) daughter. But Anna also believes in treating teenagers like adults or, at least, peers. So before she says anything to Valentin, Anna will go straight to Charlotte and demand an explanation. And Anna won’t hold back, which is very likely to upset Valentin more than if she had unloaded on him instead.


GH: Denial is a River in Egypt

Of course, there is always the possibility that Anna will find out about Charlotte and Valentin — and that she’ll refuse to believe it. Frankly, we’re having a hard time believing it ourselves. That Charlotte would hire a hitman, anyway (here’s hoping she wasn’t responsible for that part of it). The hotel room vandalism sure, and maybe even the fire, yes. A hitman…is that really up a spoiled teen’s alley?


GH Spoilers: Parenting Fail

Of course, Charlotte isn’t your average spoiled teen. She’s a Cassadine. If any teen would know how to hire a hitman, a Cassadine would. But it would be because they learned it from the parent. (Remember that anti-drug ad, “I learned it from you, Dad!”)

Anna is more likely to blame Valentin for enabling his little girl by refusing to make her take responsibility for her actions than she is to blame Charlotte for just doing what comes naturally. Anna will go after him instead of going after her. Besides, he’s the adult. He’s the one who betrayed her trust. And he’s the one who is going to have to pay the price for it.

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