General Hospital Spoilers Speculation: Cyrus Takes It Down A Notch


Will Laura Collins be proud of her GH brother?

GH spoilers have left viewers wondering how seriously to take Cyrus’s turn to the light side. The man is a mobster and a killer and a blackmailer and a hirer of people to beat up other people-er. So, no one expects him to join the priesthood. Or even get a job as a hospital orderly.

GH Spoilers Speculation

Of course, we wonder if Cyrus (Jeff Kober) will stick to his wicked, wicked ways or at least try to walk the straight and narrow somewhat. His past makes it seem unlikely, but stranger things have happened.

General Hospital: Sister’s Soul

Laura (Genie Francis) would like to see Cyrus (Jeff Kober) turn over a new leaf. She’d be there to support him. Cyrus seems to love his mother enough to pretend to be less bad than he actually is. Maybe he could love his sister enough to try and live up to her high expectations for him. Or, at least, you know, pretend to.

GH: A Little Less Malice

Obviously, Cyrus can’t go cold turkey. That would be wrong. And boring. But maybe he could tone it down a notch or two. Like, maybe put the killing on the back burner. Just for a while. See how he likes it. Think of all the free time he’ll have, not needing to dedicate a portion of the day to wiping the blood off his hands. And then maybe he can add a moratorium on kidnapping. After all, kidnapees need to be fed and kept alive. Who needs the hassle?


GH Spoilers: Keep a Hand in It

Maybe Cyrus could feed his habit with lower-stakes crimes. He could cheat on his taxes. His finances must be a mess! He could get a job at Alexis’s (Nancy Lee Grahn) newspaper — we bet Cyrus would have a really efficient way of making witnesses talk (on the record and off) — and steal office supplies. Printer ink for all! Or how about jaywalking? Yeah, Cyrus, you’re still a bad dude. Cross against that light!

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