General Hospital Spoilers: Will Trina Robinson’s Trip To New York Be A DISASTER?


According to General Hospital spoilers, Trina Robinson (Tabyana Ali) could have been better off giving up her classes and leaving right away for her trip to New York City with Spencer Cassadine (Nicholas Chavez). That might have been the only strategy for making the trip successful. Will there be no further problems on this trip?

Needing Quality Time

Trina Robinson and Spencer Cassadine are having difficulties together. Despite her feelings of love for him, she is annoyed by his lack of interest in her. Ace Prince-Cassadine (Jay & Joey Clay), Spencer’s infant sibling, is receiving care from Spencer.

Esme Prince (Avery Kristen Pohl) is raising her children by herself. Ace’s father is reportedly Nicholas Cassadine, played by Adam Huss. Esme has lost her recollection of the past and he has vanished. Spencer has committed himself to supporting her in raising Ace out of love for his brother.

This implies that Spencer and Trina’s attempts to spend quality time together are frequently thwarted. Their scheduled dates are frequently ruined by the sudden requirement for childcare.

When Spencer decides he wants to whisk Trina away for a while, she agrees. They settle on a trip to New York City for the weekend. But will it really happen?


Almost Cancelled

Spencer shows up early and tries to drag Trina away from her essay. She wants to finish before she goes on the trip and finally pushes him out of her dorm room. She tackles her work first so she can spend the time with Spencer, worry free.

Maybe that was not her best move though. Spencer calls, saying that their trip is off because the daycare called. Ace was exposed to chickenpox. Spencer feels like he needs to stay home and monitor him. He doesn’t want to leave with this possibility facing them for the weekend.

Trina is dissatisfied but appears to be accepting. When it comes to Spencer, this is certain to occur. How long will she be able to put up with it, that is the question. The daycare then contacts to confirm that the alert was false. Someone only experienced an allergic reaction, not the chicken pox.

At the dorm, Spencer surprises Trina with unexpected plans. They will be traveling! But will everything actually go as planned? Will Ace cause Spencer to be summoned back to Port Charles on their journey? How do you feel?

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