General Hospital Writers Need A New Ace In The Hole For Sprina Conflict


Spencer Cassadine and Trina Robinson debate over little Ace on GH — but they really shouldn’t.

Alas, Sprina supporters can’t have every day be like the ones in which Spencer and Trina went to New York City and shared a romantic time together. Fans know that soaps are all about conflict. However, General Hospital might want to consider a new source of strife for Sprina other than Ace, Spencer’s younger brother.

General Hospital: Ace in the Hole

Right now, Trina (Tabyana Ali) is, understandably, concerned that Spencer is being drawn back into Esme’s (Avery Kristen Pohl) web of lies. Every time the “reformed” baddie plays her “Ace” card, Spencer leans into choosing his baby brother first. Sprina’s trip to New York was nearly canceled at the last minute when it appeared that Ace may have contracted chickenpox. Spencer’s in a lose/lose position. If he didn’t look out for his half-sibling, he’d be accused of not caring. Conversely, his devotion to Ace potentially blinds him, at times, to Trina’s feelings.

Let’s not forget Trina’s position. She can’t be expected to forget that Esme tried to frame her for recording Joss (Eden McCoy) and Cameron (William Lipton) having sex and distributing that video to their peers. Had she been convicted, Trina could have faced jail time, and expulsion from school, and would have had a criminal record. Sure, Esme doesn’t remember doing any of this but that doesn’t mean she didn’t try to ruin Trina’s life.

GH: A Father’s Presence

Nobody’s going to win with the way things are now. Perhaps, Spencer and Trina could take a step back and examine things differently. Trina has two fathers — Curtis (Donnell Turner), her biological pop, and Taggert (Réal Andrews), the man who raised her. She knows that a man doesn’t have to be the biological parent to be a father or father figure, in Spencer’s case. She could be more understanding that Spencer is determined to play a protective role in his helpless brother’s life.


At the same time, Spencer can draw a more firm line in the sand with Esme. He can regularly remind her that they’re not together and that’s never, ever going to happen. Granted, as Esme is Ace’s legal guardian and Spencer isn’t, he’s going to have to handle that carefully. Otherwise, Ace could pay the price.

General Hospital: Sprina Conflict

There are lots of ways to introduce conflict into Sprina’s relationship, not the least of which is Portia’s (Brook Kerr) concern that Spencer just isn’t the right man for her daughter. Perhaps, Nikolas (Adam Huss), Spencer’s dad will re-enter the picture and weigh in on Sprina’s relationship.

We’re confident GH can come up with ways to bring tension into Sprina’s dynamic. Trina sees Spencer loving his younger brother as an indicator of what kind of father he’ll be to their children. We expect Esme to inevitably get her memory back — and, knowing Esme, she’ll keep that a secret. That’ll be a great conflict right there!

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