GH Spoilers: Blair Cramer Brings Explosive Drama To Port Charles And Martin, What We Know!


According to General Hospital teasers, Blair Cramer (Kassie DePaiva), Martin Grey’s (Michael E. Knight) ex-wife, will arrive in Port Charles and cause drama and mayhem. As soon as it was revealed that Blair would be making a comeback, rumors began to circulate that she was Martin’s ex. Are Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring) and Martin prepared for this conflict?

Martin Grey’s Wife Finally Revealed

hospital in general It was just a matter of time before Martin’s ex-wife was disclosed, according to spoilers. Martin has been too quiet lately and has made far too many references for this not to have taken place.

Of course, Martin has admitted that his ex-wife was his least favorite of all of them and that he did not like her. Will viewers now discover the precise circumstances surrounding Martin and Blair?

When Blair visited Port Charles years ago, Tomas Delgato and Lorenzo Alcazar (Ted King) were thought to be the same person in a tale she was a part of.

That being considered, Blair and Martin couldn’t have been together a long time. This could lead one to believe that either they didn’t marry for love, or things went bad really fast.

Blair Cramer Meets With Tracy Quartermaine

While she will undoubtedly catch up with Martin, Tracy Quartermaine (Jane Elliot) will also be in some of Blair’s scenes. Blair is enmeshed in this situation to the point of exhaustion, even though Tracy is the one suing Lucy.

Since Lucy gives him credit for the concept, it appears that Martin is the real cause of this legal action. We may now understand why Martin resisted making this admission so strongly.


Could Blair have been the source of Martin’s inspiration for the Deceptor? Perhaps Martin has kept his involvement in this under wraps because he wanted to avoid just that.

Surely Martin wouldn’t have done this to intentionally put Lucy’s company at risk by causing this lawsuit. Blair would have no reason to come after Lucy in that manner and Martin wouldn’t jeopardize their relationship.

Blair Cramer Will Shake Things Up

Tracy and Blair may have a huge case because of Martin and his loose lips. However, it doesn’t seem like Martin and Lucy will be the only ones that Blaire shakes things up for.

Keep in mind that Carly Spencer (Laura Wright) once spent time with Lorenzo; if he is still alive, that would undoubtedly cause her to experience some shock. A recurrence of that situation is not what Carly needs.

Because Jason Morgan (ex-Steve Burton) is thought to have been the person who allegedly killed Alcazar years ago, Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) could also find himself in the heart of a mess.

Blair’s time there may only be brief, but it will undoubtedly be entertaining. Will Blair’s visit provide Carly with details about an old flame and resolve the question of who invented the Deceptor?

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