GH Spoilers: Mystery Of Anna’s House Fire Solved – Pikeman’s Real Target Is Valentin?


According to General Hospital spoilers, viewers are still interested in learning what caused Anna Devane’s (Finola Hughes) house fire and who set it off. Although Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) has been made to appear guilty on the show, things are rarely as straightforward as they appear to be in circumstances like this.

Valentin is deceiving Anna, yet he can be guilty of one thing and innocent of another at the same time.

Valentin is not trying to cover up the fact that he burned down Anna’s townhouse only because he is being dishonest.

Of course, GH fans know Valentin wasn’t where he claimed to be on the night of the blaze. Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna) confirmed that Valentin’s car wasn’t in the ELQ parking lot or any of the surrounding areas.

Valentin was elsewhere when the fire started because there wasn’t an ELQ water main break.

If Pikeman led Valentin away from the crime they were going to commit, there is a simple explanation.


Valentin may have been required to attend a conference, but it was probably just a diversion so they could pull off this risky maneuver.

It’s possible that Pikeman did this to assert his authority over Valentin.

If Valentin has been trying to cut ties with Pikeman, this might’ve been their way of proving that he’s under their control and will remain there.


This house fire was a dramatic display of power, but why bother if Anna doesn’t even know who’s responsible?

Perhaps it’s because Valentin indeed knows who’s to blame and how much is at stake.

The point of burning down Anna’s home may have been to rattle Valentin into submission by threatening someone he loves.

Perhaps Valentin has also been informed that if he informs Anna what is happening, she or perhaps Charlotte Cassadine (Scarlett Fernandez) will be in danger.

Valentin may be keeping Anna in the dark to protect her.

In any event, we don’t believe the notion that Valentin is reentering the realm of villains. Valentin has come too far to completely return to his evil ways.

It appears more plausible that Valentin is being kept in line by using Anna’s misery as a tactic.

Stay back for updates on the shocking information Anna will eventually discover because General Hospital spoilers indicate that she’ll keep searching for hints.


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