“He Looks So Scary”: Big Brother 25 Fans Blast Cirie For Calling Jag Scary Without The Turban


Big Brother 25 never fails to keep its audiences hooked, onscreen and online. From a budding romance sparking theories to appalling comments stirring controversy, the plot this season is the recipe for television perfection. Survivor legend Cirie Tiffany Fields was touted as an instant fan favorite owing to all the appreciation she received during the Big Brother 25 premiere.

Unfortunately, though her journey started positively, some of her questionable actions ever since have steadily eroded the favorable impression she initially made on the fans of the show. The most recent incident that upset fans of the show and caused Cirie to face serious backlash online was her insensitive and culturally ignorant comment about houseguest Jag Bains’ appearance and ethnicity.

Big Brother 25 Cirie faces criticism for racist comments on Jag and Kaysar

Survivor fame could not save Cirie Field from all the backlash she received for her insensitive and potentially racist conversation with Felicia Cannon when talking about Jag Bains after the kayak veto challenge.

It has caused both Cirie and Felicia to receive major backlash from thousands of fans and viewers of the show worldwide. While Cirie and Jag have no bad blood that the fans are privy to, viewers have sensed some underlying tensions for a while now. Especially with Cirie actively conspiring to get Jag Bains evicted because she feels threatened by him.

In a recent episode, the Survivor legend was seen engaging in a snarky discussion with Cannon, casually passing some racially insensitive remarks about their fellow housemate, Jag. Bains is always spotted in a turban, which is a way for him to honor his religion. However, post-veto kayak challenge, Jag walked past them without his turban, which instantly prompted Cirie to ask Felicia:

“I wonder if Jag’s really 25? Without that thing (turban) on, he looks so scary, he don’t look 25! Why say 25?”
While Felicia actively engaged in the conversation, going on to comment about how Jag looked and his age, it was Cirie who received most of the heat due to her past indiscretions.

Fans were quick to jump to Jag’s support. They did not hold back from express ing their disappointment with the Big Brother contestants’ ignorant behavior, calling it racist, especially when the duo went on to discuss how Jag and Kaysar “could be related,” crediting it to the similarity in physical attributes.


Viewers found this highly offensive and upsetting since Cirie attempted to homogenize their religions and cultures, despite the fact that Kaysar and Jag follow two different religions. Because the former is a Muslim and the latter is a Sikh, fans thought the connection drawn was unwise and insensitive.

While most fans were expressing their disappointment with the insensitivity, certain others seemed to mimic her “tone-deaf” sentiment.

Fans continue to express how appalled they were at these two grown women for having a conversation that was grossly inappropriate, considering their lack of awareness about different communities, ethnicities, and cultures.

Ever since the clip of Cirie’s comment about Jag and Kaysar surfaced, fans did not hold back from lashing out at the Survivor duo’s despicable discussion, including rightly terming them as ‘toxic aunties’ of the Big Brother 25 house, stating:


As the excitement continues to build, it’s essential for the audience not to overlook the upcoming episodes of Big Brother 25. Viewers can look forward to an extended episode scheduled for Wednesday, September 13, which will run for two hours. The special episode will showcase Josh Duhamel, the host of the forthcoming competition show Buddy Games, along with the highly anticipated Power of Veto competition.

For fans eager to witness the drama unfold, tune into CBS as per Big Brother 25’s updated schedule for September 2023 (Big Brother 25 week 6). Episode 18 will be released on Wednesday, September 13, and the next episode the day after.

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