How Jag Bains Made ‘Big Brother’ History


After securing his seventh Power of Veto win this season, Jag Bains made ‘Big Brother’ history taking the title away from past players.

Jag Bains has made Big Brother history during the longest season of the show’s run. Jag ended up taking home the $750k cash prize at the end of the reality competition series. He, along with Matt Klotz and Bowie Jane Ball, made it to the final three. All three finalists have a special title in the Big Brother game. Jag is the first Sikh-Punjabi contestant. His closest ally, Matt, is the first Deaf Big Brother player. Matt has been open on the show about how this has affected his game. Whispering is a large part of the Big Brother game and in the real world this would be very offensive to Matt. Jag has helped Matt to stay in the loop of all things going on in the game. Lastly, Bowie Jane is the first Australian to compete on the U.S. version of the show.

Throughout the majority of the game, Jag worked closely with both Matt and Bowie Jane. He and Matt quickly became the best of friends upon moving into the famous house. In addition to their “bromance,” Jag and Matt also formed the “Minutemen” alliance early on in the game. The two had each other’s backs for the duration of the game while also dominating the Big Brother game. So much so, Matt used his secret Power of Invincibility to save Jag from a unanimous vote. As the game neared the end, the duo brought in Bowie Jane to work together in the three-person alliance “The Mafia.”

Jag, Matt and Bowie Jane have all had their fair share of competition wins to keep their alliances moving forward in the game. In addition to the secret power Matt won, he also won one Head of Household reign as well as two important Power of Veto wins. Both of these wins were during the double evictions of the season. Despite not wanting to make any big moves or get blood on her hands, Bowie Jane has had three Head of Household reigns of her own. During her time in power, Bowie Jane got big targets out of the game including Cameron Hardin, America Lopez, and Felicia Cannon. Among the group, Jag secured the most competition wins with seven Power of Vetoes and two Head of Households. After weeks of consecutive alliance wins, the trio made it to the final three together.

Jag Holds The Record For Most Veto Wins In One Season

While growing his Big Brother resume, Jag broke a show record. Jag currently holds the title of Big Brother player with the most Power of Veto wins in one season. Prior to Jag, Big Brother 24’s Michael Bruner held the title with six veto wins. Last summer, Michael beat Big Brother legend Janelle Pierzina’s record. Janelle, who competed on the show four times, held the title for many years after she won five Power of Veto competitions during season 7. Now, Jag has beaten both Janelle and Michael with seven veto wins this season.

Jag’s first Power of Veto win was during week three of the competition. This was also the first time Jag found himself sitting on the block and needing to fight for his own safety. In the “Cock-a-Doodle Zoom” competition, Jag competed against Head of Household Felicia and fellow nominee Cameron as well as Izzy Gleicher son of Survivor legend, Cirie Fields. The group raced through a pool of sticky slime to be the first to bring all of their eggs back to their egg holder. Jag was victorious, bringing himself off the block and later having his BB Comic designed off of the win.


Jag remained low-key until he secured his second veto win four weeks later during week seven. This time, Jag was neither nominated nor the Head of Household. He was chosen at random to compete in the veto. The Power of Veto competition this week was a twist on the iconic Big Brother competition “Slippery Slope” called “Sweaty Scrimmage.” Despite not being on the block, Jag fought for the veto. He ultimately used it to take Cory Wurtenburger off the block. In doing so, Jag helped Jared backdoor Cameron.

Three weeks later, Jag won his third Power of Veto. He once again was not nominated nor in power when winning the veto. During this week, the “Scrambleverse” combined two iconic Big Brother competitions, OTEV and Zingbot, for the Power of Veto. Jag once again used his power, this time to save Felicia. In doing so, Head of Household Bowie Jane was able to backdoor Cameron for a second time after he was able to win his way back into the game.

Following his win during week 10, Jag won all the remaining Power of Vetoes for the entire season, except for the second double eviction’s Power of Veto. He secured his fourth Power of Veto win the following week, during which he was the secret Head of Household. Despite his win being intended to be kept a secret, the entire house ultimately found out Jag was in power. This week was unique as two Power of Vetoes won. Both he and Blue Kim used their vetoes resulting in Jag nominating showmance duo America and Cory. Cory was ultimately evicted and sent to the jury house.

The next week, during which he was once again the Head of Household, Jag won his fifth Power of Veto. This week’s competition was entitled “Embarrassing Expedition.” While he did not win the second Power of Veto competition that same week due to the double eviction, Jag did secure the win the following week. This grueling competition was called “Swamp Slasher.” Jag’s patience was put to the test as he had to slowly move through a pool of water and stack blocks on a floating plate.

The following week, Jag won arguably the most important Big Brother competition of the season, the final Power of Veto. In doing so, Jag secured his spot in the final three and got to ultimately decide which of the two nominees, Matt or Felicia, he wanted to join both him and Bowie Jane in the final three. After days of deliberating on the big decision, Jag decided to stay true to his Minutemen alliance despite potentially not being able to win next to his fellow competitor. Now, Jag has to secure the final Head of Household win to be guaranteed a spot in the final two.

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