Is Your Zodiac Sign An Eddie Or A Danny? Find Out Which Blue Bloods Character You Are


Who doesn’t love a good cop drama, right? Especially one that mixes family values with a collection of different, but oh so relatable characters like “Blue Bloods.”

Ever wondered which Reagan – or extended family member – you’d be based on your zodiac sign? Let’s find out!

Aries: Danny Reagan

Straightforward and action-oriented, that’s Danny for you. He’s a detective, and it’s clear he loves his job. Remember the time he went undercover to bust open that drug ring in Season 1? Or how about when he rescued that kidnapped girl in Season 4? Danny’s not much for rules; if something needs to be done, he’ll do it. Heck, he’s even gone against his father, Frank Reagan, the NYPD Commissioner, to get justice. You’ll likely see him engaged in high-speed chases or confrontations. If you’re an Aries, Danny’s your spirit Reagan. Fast-paced, headstrong, and a tad impulsive – sound like you?

Taurus: Frank Reagan

Being the patriarch of the Reagan family, Frank is as steady as they come. His main job is to oversee the NYPD, but he’s also the moral compass for his family. Remember when he had to deal with that controversial stop-and-frisk policy in Season 3? He weighed both sides carefully before making his decision. He’s not the type to jump the gun, and when it comes to family gatherings, he’s the peacemaker. Got a problem? Sit down at the Reagan family dinner table and Frank will help sort it out. If you’re a Taurus, you’ll find you share Frank’s calm demeanor and strong ethical backbone.

Gemini: Jamie Reagan

Jamie, the youngest Reagan, is a bit of a dual personality, making him perfect for Geminis. Originally studying to be a lawyer, he switched to follow the family tradition of joining the NYPD. He starts as a patrol officer but then gets a big bump to sergeant. He’s known for getting deep undercover, like when he was investigating the Sanfino crime family. He’s both intellectual and action-driven, able to adapt to different scenarios easily. Whether he’s giving legal advice to his partner Eddie or chasing down a suspect, Jamie’s versatile skill set is so much Gemini-like – adaptable to pretty much any situation.

Cancer: Erin Reagan

The empathetic, family-oriented Erin fits Cancer to a T. She’s an assistant district attorney and is passionate about her job. She balances work and family, and often consults her father or brothers when she’s stuck on a case. Like when she had to prosecute that young kid who killed his abusive father; she consulted Danny and Frank to make sure she was doing the right thing. Her role often puts her in emotionally charged situations, forcing her to make tough choices. If you’re a Cancer, you’ll relate to Erin’s strong sense of duty and emotional intelligence.

Leo: Eddie Janko

Eddie’s got that Leo flair: charismatic, outgoing, and incredibly brave. She’s Jamie’s partner on the beat and later becomes his wife, joining the Reagan family officially. She’s never one to shy away from taking the initiative; remember the time she jumped in to help a fellow officer being assaulted? Eddie’s loyalty to her partner Jamie and the Reagan family as a whole sets her apart. Her courage often puts her in the line of fire, but that’s Eddie for you, always ready to jump in and help. Leos, this fearless lioness is your match.

Virgo: Jackie Curatola

Methodical, detail-oriented, and just a bit neurotic – that’s Jackie, Danny’s former detective partner. She’s a natural investigator, evidenced by the way she cracked that complex murder case involving antique smugglers. She takes her time, looking over every detail, refusing to cut corners. And it’s not just about the job; she genuinely cares for Danny, giving him emotional support when Linda, his wife, was in danger. Virgos, you’ll appreciate Jackie’s analytical mind and her strong sense of responsibility.


Libra: Linda Reagan

Rest in peace, Linda, Danny’s late wife. She was a nurse and the epitome of balance, a true Libra. As Danny’s moral compass, she often provided a softer perspective to his hard-edged approach to justice. She was always there to console her kids when they were worried about their dad’s dangerous job, like the time he was shot and she had to keep the home fires burning. Linda’s diplomatic and caring nature was her strongest quality, making her an indispensable part of the Reagan family. If you’re a Libra, you’d fit right in Linda’s compassionate shoes.

Scorpio: Henry Reagan

The retired police commissioner and Frank’s father, Henry’s got that Scorpio intensity. You know, the kind where he’s not just playing chess; he’s playing 4D chess. He’s been through it all, from the hard-knocks policing of the ’60s to the nuanced challenges of modern law enforcement. Henry’s an adviser, but don’t underestimate him; he still has a strong influence over the family. No wonder Scorpios would relate; you both share the same depth and strategic thinking.

Sagittarius: Nicky Reagan-Boyle

Erin’s daughter Nicky is the epitome of a Sagittarius – curious, idealistic, and a little restless. She’s the next-gen Reagan, currently in college and figuring out her path. Remember that episode where she joined a protest and got arrested, much to her mom’s chagrin? That’s Nicky for you, always challenging the status quo. If you’re a Sagittarius, you’d definitely vibe with Nicky’s adventurous spirit and inquisitive nature.

Capricorn: Garrett Moore

Garrett is Frank’s right-hand man and the NYPD’s Deputy Commissioner of Public Information. Now, here’s a guy who’s all about the long game. His job requires the ability to think several steps ahead, always considering the long-term implications of any decision. He’s meticulous, calculating, and deeply loyal to Frank. Any Capricorns out there will appreciate Garrett’s strategic approach and unwavering dedication.

Aquarius: Maria Baez

Maria Baez is Danny’s current partner and an Aquarius through and through – socially conscious and a bit of a maverick. She’s the one who usually brings a different perspective into Danny’s more old-school methods. One moment she’s tracking down human traffickers, and the next she’s trying to build a case against corrupt politicians. She’s an excellent investigator with a focus on social justice. For the Aquarians out there, Maria’s your woman – unique, insightful, and always aiming to make the world a better place.

Pisces: Joe Reagan

The late Joe Reagan, Frank’s second son, was an idealist and a dreamer, which makes him a perfect match for Pisces. He was a part of a secret society within the NYPD aiming to expose corruption. This got him killed, but his legacy lives on, inspiring his family to fight for justice and integrity. His story became a central point in many storylines, often forcing his family to confront uncomfortable truths. If you’re a Pisces, you’ll resonate with Joe’s empathetic and sacrificial nature, always looking out for the greater good.

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