Jared Fields Gives His Big Brother Exit Interviews


Jared Fields, a recently-evicted house guest, has begun doing Big Brother exit interviews.

Jared came in at number eleven and was eliminated prior to the jury round.

Jared was given a second chance by the producers to return to the house, but Cameron Hardin defeated him in a zombie challenge.

Jared took part in the BB25 twist as well, when he got to play Big Brother alongside his mother.

Some Big Brother fans believe Cirie Fields, who is still in the competition, will find it simpler to play without him.


Jared has been answering inquiries about his gaming and talking with many individuals about his time in the Big Brother house.

Kat Dunn interviews Jared Fields

Big Brother 21 houseguest Kat Dunn is one of the folks who interviewed Jared.

The shirt that she wore for her interview speaks for itself. She has it on because Jared used the R-word in the house.

Soon into her questions, Kat asked Jared who he thinks are America’s favorite houseguests. He had said it couldn’t be Cory Wurtenberger during the season, and then Cory got to play for the secret power.

Check out their interview to see what he said.


The Winner’s Circle interviews Jared Fields

Former Big Brother winners Cody Calafiore and Derrick Levasseuer interviewed Jared after his exit.

He told them his game went wrong when he chose not to target Cory Wurtenberger and America Lopez when he was HOH.

Jared also spoke about his strategy to try to play sides of the house against each other.

The hosts of the Winner’s Circle also listened as Jared talked about what he would have done differently.

Us Weekly talks about Jared’s ex-girlfriend

Sara Donnellan from Us Weekly talked with Jared about his relationship with Blue Kim inside the house.

She also got Jared to discuss the relationship he had right before playing Big Brother 25.

He mentioned it was a seven-year relationship that ended recently.

Jared speaks more about Blue

In a second video clip from Us Weekly, Jared talks about not sharing information with his mom.

Jared had tried to blame Izzy Gleicher for revealing their secret, and he later tried to push the blame on his mom.

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