‘NCIS: Sydney’ Release Window And How To Watch


One of television’s most popular police procedurals, NCIS is once again branching off into new content.

The persistently popular program already boasts three separate spin-offs — NCIS: Los Angeles, NCIS: New Orleans, and NCIS: Hawaiʻi — and the trio is set to be joined by a fourth later this year. NCIS: Sydney is headed to screens for a brand new flavor of that fan-favorite NCIS drama, this time zeroing in on crime down under. Predictably set in Sydney, Australia, the series aims to somewhat change up the existing formula. It will serve as the 20-year-old franchise’s first international spin-off, and stars largely local Australian actors and producers.

Several cast members have already been announced, and the show is expected to be out later this year. A precise release date has yet to be announced, however, leaving fans to wonder just when they’ll have a chance to feast their eyes on the fresh NCIS release.

NCIS: Sydney release window

There’s no concrete release date for NCIS: Sydney just yet, but we can broadly estimate when we expect the series to make its way to streaming.


Even with both the SAG and WGA strikes ongoing, the team behind NCIS: Sydney has yet to announce any delays in the show’s television release. That should mean that it’s still expected out later this year, and — with more than half of the year already gone — that makes our efforts to estimate a release window much easier.


If the program was going to drop in the next month or so, we’d be seeing far more promotional material. As of yet, we haven’t seen more than a few BTS images from the series, which reinforces the idea that we’ve got a few months’ wait before the show hits streaming.

As such, we predict viewers won’t be sitting down for their first NCIS: Sydney viewing until at least the fall, which begins mid-September. By the end of the first month of fall, or maybe mid-October, we expect to at least have a better idea of when the show will drop, but it’ll almost certainly be before winter sets in full. By that time, viewers will be shifting their focus to holiday movies and crackling fireplaces, and they’ll have little time for a police drama.

How to watch NCIS: Sydney

Viewers with a subscription to a Paramount Plus account will have easy access to NCIS: Sydney once it drops. The show is expected to air on the streaming service, once it’s ready for release, alongside its debut on Australia’s Network 10. Australian viewers can enjoy it there, as fresh weekly episodes arrive, but fans everywhere else will have to rely on streaming. Thankfully, a subscription to Paramount Plus is reasonably cheap, running subscribers between $6 and $12 a month.

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