This Big Brother 25 Houseguest Should Be Cast On Reindeer Games, According To Fans


One Big Brother 25 houseguest will be selected to play in the new competition show Big Brother Reindeer Games. Here’s who fans want to see compete.

Big Brother Reindeer Games will feature nine Big Brother legends as contestants, including one Big Brother 25 houseguest, and fans want America’s Favorite Houseguest, Cameron Hardin, to compete on the show. Host Julie Chen Moonves announced that the new six-episode competition show, Big Brother Reindeer Games, will premiere on December 11. Instead of Julie hosting, Big Brother icons Jordan Lloyd, Derek Xiao, and Tiffany Mitchell will serve as “Santa’s Elves,” guiding players through the show. In each episode, the contestants will play in three competitions that will culminate in “Santa’s Showdown,” which determines which player will be eliminated. Four players will compete in the December 21 finale, with the winner taking home the $100,000 prize.

In an Instagram post, Julie asked fans, “Which legendary Big Brother Houseguests do you hope to see playing Reindeer Games?”


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Many fans chose Cameron as the Big Brother 25 houseguest they’d most like to see on the show. Instagram user @yomibolo wrote, “Cameron is so popular. @bigbrothercbs would be silly not to have @cameron.h.bb25 back,” while @madison.boop said, “I BETTER SEE CAMERON THERE!!!” Fan @claudianeagu70 added, “Fingers crossed Cam will compete.” Winner Jag Bains and Hisam Goueli were other popular Big Brother 25 choices, but Cameron was mentioned the most from that season.

Who Else Do Fans Want To See On Big Brother Reindeer Games?

Big Brother fans were very vocal about which former houseguests they want to see compete on Reindeer Games. The Traitors season 1 contestant Michael Davidson had many suggestions, saying, “Rachel [Reilly], Britney [Haynes], Janelle [Pierzina] (I know she’s got that peacock contract – but this is my hopes) Taylor [Hale], Dani [Briones] (leaving Jordan [Lloyd] out since she’s hosting).” He also added, “Dr. Will [Kirby], Beast Mode [Caleb Reynolds], Howie [Gordon], James Rhine, & Cameron.” Some fans also mentioned them, while others suggested Dan Gheesling, Derrick Levasseur, Da’Vonne Rogers, Corey Brooks, and married couples Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf, and Nicole Franzel and Victor Arroyo.


Michael was referring to Janelle’s commitment to The Traitors season 2, which she said is preventing her from participating in Big Brother Reindeer Games. This means the same would be true of Dan, who’s also a Traitors season 2 contestant. However, there are many other Big Brother icons who are available to play. The interesting thing about Reindeer Games is that it’s about competition wins and not the social game as in a traditional Big Brother season. Therefore, houseguests who excelled in competitions, but didn’t have the best social games would have a better chance of winning.

Cameron would be perfect for the show, since he won so many competitions on Big Brother 25, including three Head of Household (HOH) and two Power of Veto competitions, along with earning his place back in the house during the Resurrection Rumble and Do or Die competition. He also won America’s Favorite Houseguest, so fans will love to see him. Big Brother Reindeer Games is a fun way to bring back legendary houseguests to compete. It’ll be thrilling to see contestants from various seasons who’ve never played against each other before go head-to-head. This is a chance to prove who the true Big Brother competition beasts are.

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