Three General Hospital Problems With Gladys Corbin Framing Cody


Gladys Corbin went running to the General Hospital police, claiming that Cody stole the borrowed bracelet she’d been wearing. Just check his jacket hanging over there! There, see, I was right! There’s the bracelet! Obviously, Cody stole it! Now run along and arrest him.

Gladys Corbin, General Hospital Crime Solver?

And if he starts saying something about how I’ve been raiding Sasha’s (Sofia Mattsson) trust fund to pay for my gambling habit, well, pay no attention. He’s a criminal, after all! Gladys (Bonnie Burroughs) must feel she’s covered every base. We’re here to explain that, uh, no, she actually hasn’t even come close.

GH: Mistake One

Um, Gladys, honey, how exactly did Cody (Josh Kelly) get that bracelet off your wrist? Did he just walk up to you and rip it off? If that’s the case, why didn’t you cry bloody murder then? Did he subtly brush against you and stealthily remove it, then? And you didn’t feel it until hours later? Is he such a great pick-pocket that you never felt anything at all? At which point, how did you know it was him?


General Hospital: Chain of Evidence

Cody wasn’t wearing the jacket when the police found Gladys’s bracelet in it. So how are you so sure he’s the one who took it? Anyone could have dropped it into his pocket while it was just hanging there. That’s the definition of circumstantial evidence.

Gladys Corbin: Certain Knowledge

Gladys was also confident that the police wouldn’t find Cody’s fingerprints on the bracelet…because he wiped it down as soon as he stole it. Why would he do that if he was just going to put it into his own pocket? And how would Gladys know whether he did or not?

And if Cody did wipe down the bracelet, which is why his fingerprints aren’t on it, are Gladys’s? Did Cody only wipe away his fingerprints but keep hers? That would certainly be a challenge! We hope Gladys has her own alibi ready…because the cops should be coming for her next.

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