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Ask any skin care junkie what she values most in her products, and she’ll tell you one thing: Ingredients. Pretty packaging is all well and good, but at the end of the day, ingredients are the thing that will make a visible difference to the skin.

The latest ingredient that’s set to provide clinically proven* support to your complexion? Lipowheat. Derived from wheat seed, this natural extract is gaining a reputation for boosting skin hydration, relieving dry skin and keeping the signs of a youthful complexion for longer.

We spoke to Shelley Atkin, a naturopath with health and beauty brand Qsilica, about exactly what lipowheat can do for your skin, and how…

Collagen: The key to a youthful complexion

To fully realise the beauty benefit of lipowheat, it’s necessary to understand the importance of the protein it helps to support: Collagen. One of the essential building blocks of our bodies, Shelley likens collagen to a “glue that gives strength and structure to our bones, muscles and most visibly, our skin.” As she explains, our bodies produce a certain level of collagen naturally, but as we age, the rate of collagen production slows. The impact of this on our skin is significant, resulting in a loss of elasticity and moisture, leading to “sagging skin, fine lines and wrinkles”.

In addition to being affected by the ageing process, Shelley says our bodies’ collagen production is “also compromised by UV exposure, pollutants and diet.” The key message to take away? If you’re concerned about dry skin, or the appearance of fine lines, it’s a good idea to start thinking about ways to boost your skin’s collagen levels.

How does lipowheat impact the skin’s collagen levels?

According to clinical studies*, one way to encourage our skin’s natural collagen production is by supplementing our diet with collagen-boosting ingredients, such as lipowheat. How does lipowheat support our skin’s collagen, you ask? Well, the expert says it’s all to do with the ceramides it contains. Ceramides boost collagen synthesis and “help prevent the skin’s barrier breaking down, losing moisture and becoming damaged,” Shelley says. Not only are ceramides effective for improving the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin, they also help protect the skin from environmental damage and work to “improve its hydration and texture, making it softer and firmer.” The ingredient is proven to increase skin hydration by 20 per cent, reduce wrinkle depth, increase luminance and density – all markers for more youthful looking skin**.

Extracted from wheat seed, the ceramides found in lipowheat are natural, non-genetically modified and suitable for vegetarians, being 100% plant sourced. Clinical research* shows that ceramides that come from a plant source (as opposed to an animal source) are highly effective in supporting collagen production.

Who is lipowheat best suited for and where can I get it?

Although ceramides and moisturisers can be applied to the skin topically, Shelley says it can also be beneficial to “work from the inside out, to reach the deeper layers of the skin.” Qsilica Pro Collagen Tablets – which are formulated with 100mg of lipowheat per tablet – provide an effective and convenient way to get your moisture  fix. The supplements also contain vitamin C, to further support collagen formation, and colloidal mineral silica, to help support the growth and appearance of skin, hair and nails.

Shelley says women** of all ages and skin types can benefit from taking lipowheat-rich Qsilica Pro Collagen Tablets, but “women with skin afflictions such as skin dryness, irritation, fine lines and wrinkles” are particularly good candidates. For the best possible results, the dosage recommendation is two tablets a day for three months, before reverting to a once-a-day maintenance dose. Oh, and in addition to taking the supplement, the expert also advises on following a healthy diet that contains “protein, vitamins and minerals that support healthy skin, such as vitamin C!”.

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