Contestants EXPOSE Farmer Wants A Wife’s Tom As ‘IMMATURE’ And ‘RUDE’ Following Split From Sarah


Farmer Wants a Wife Australia 2024 contestants have exposed Farmer Tom as “immature” and “rude” following his split from his final choice Sarah Cranley. And oh boy!

Despite still going strong during the May 26 Reunion, Sarah took to Instagram the following day to reveal she’d broken up with Tom.

“Unfortunately, that lifelong love that I was seeking with Tom didn’t turn out the way I’d hoped it would,” she told her followers. “Relationships don’t always work and people aren’t always who you think they are.”

A mystery contestant from Tom’s farm has since told Yahoo! Lifestyle that nobody was surprised that the pair split “so quickly after the show”.

“Farmer Tom was so rude,” they asserted. “We knew it was coming.”

The participant explained that the cattle and crop farmer wasn’t on “speaking terms” with any of his ladies.

“It’s a testament to Sarah C for keeping the real story a secret for this long,” they spilled. “We’re all really silenced from telling our story until the show airs.

“But now the show has finished, Sarah could’ve easily gone to town exposing him on her Instagram. Instead, she chose to praise the friendship of the other women and leave out the details of what went wrong.” Spicy!

Farmer Wants a Wife contestants say producers ‘had their work cut out’ making Tom look ‘APPEALING’

The insider also claimed that “producers had their work cut out for them making [Tom] look appealing”.

“Throughout filming, we all scratched our heads with how they would tell his story,” she said. “It was almost exciting waiting to see how they made his story work.”


The source also claimed the ladies were told that the “farmers take priority in getting a hero edit”, which is why viewers didn’t see what really unfolded on the 22-year-old’s farm.

She then spilled that Abby, who slammed the car door in his face after she left his farm, did this because she was “frustrated with Tom’s immaturity and rudeness”. And it all makes sense now!

Contestants say Farmer Tom didn’t get much airtime because he was ‘UNPLEASANT’

The insider also spilled that the farmer didn’t get much airtime because he was “unpleasant” towards his ladies.

“He left the entire selection of women with a bad taste in their mouths,” she said. “You could imagine one or two girls having an issue, but he had them all offside.”

They added: “When you watch the show, you have no idea what the girls have been through. I know Krissy was happy he didn’t pick her… [Krissy] is another person I have massive respect for not calling him out publicly.”

And now it makes sense why Tom and Sarah didn’t last!

“I hope Channel Seven does a better job of picking more suitable blokes for next year,” the source finished. And based on their track record, we have a feeling this won’t happen…

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