Eden McCoy Returns To General Hospital — What Happens To Josslyn Next?


The actress has stepped back into the role of Joss.

General Hospital fans will see a familiar face to kick off February sweeps when Daytime Emmy winner Eden McCoy returns to the Port Charles scene as Josslyn Jacks.

McCoy’s GH Break Comes To An End


McCoy chose to take a few months off from the soap when her mother passed away after a long battle with cancer in November. She had been playing Josslyn Jacks with barely a break since 2015 as we watched the 20-year-old actress grow up before our eyes.

At the time, McCoy took to Instagram to express her grief over her mother’s death.

“My mother has fought an intense battle with cancer for the past 2 and a half years and has now left us physically,” she wrote. “I’m not sure what to say other than she was, is, and will be the best thing I have ever known.”


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McCoy also took a break from Twitter during her time off from GH, but got some happy news on December 15 when she won the Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Younger Performer in a Drama Series.

During her absence, actress Courtney Fulk pinch-hit for McCoy and got enormous support from fans.

Josslyn’s Life Is Taking A New Turn

McCoy is returning to the role she has played since she was 11 years old at a very dramatic time in Josslyn’s life. She just saved her friend Adam when he tried to take his own life by mixing alcohol and cold medicine. She will also be dealing with the fallout from Esme’s last stand with Spencer and Trina, which takes place on January 31.

When McCoy makes her GH on-screen comeback on Thursday, she will still be doing her best to get through to a depressed Adam with Carly and Felicia by her side. Are we looking at an Adam/Josslyn/Dex triangle? After all, Dex is out of sight now as he protects Sonny and Ava in Puerto Rico, but is he out of mind? Tune in to General Hospital on February 1 to find out.

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