Farmer Wants A Wife Fans Are Roasting Farmer Dustin Over His Questionable Home: ‘What A Dump’


Although Farmer Wants A Wife is one of Australia’s most wholesome reality TV shows, it still brings out the worst in viewers. And I mean the worst when it comes to their judgement and their reactions to things on the show. Unfortunately, in the season’s finale, it was Farmer Dustin‘s home that copped a brutal roasting.

Hold ya horses! This article features Farmer Wants A Wife spoilers. You’ve been warned.

In this year’s Farmer Wants A Wife reunion episode, viewers got to grab a sneak peek at how the farmers and their chosen loves are doing post-reality TV.

For our curly-headed fave, Farmer Dustin, and his final girl, Sophie, they revealed that they were going strong a month after the finale was filmed.

But before we all sighed in relief for this beautiful p airing, Dustin shared that the country couple had trouble in paradise over his living situation.


You see, the farmer was revealed to be living in a fixer-upper cottage that is extremely reminiscent of the houses found on Purplepingers.

The house was so terrible I had to refresh my laptop multiple times to get good-quality screenshots for ya!

Dustin’s farm cottage came with a plethora of issues, such as a slightly caved-in roof, busted shelves and broken floorboards.


The cottage was so bad that it got to a point where Sophie and Dustin had to go their separate ways for a couple of days.

Just like Sophie, the internet was left astounded over the state of Dustin’s home.

Here are the best reactions to Farmer Dustin’s home on the Farmer Wants A Wife reunion episode

Thankfully, the cottage is not getting in the way of this farmer’s quest for a wife as they confirmed that they’re still together.

Maybe the cottage will become a post-reality TV project for the couple, and they’ll become one of those DIY content creators with their newfound fame.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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