Five Things Big Brother Fans May Have Already Forgotten About Long BB25 Season


Big Brother 25 will end on Day 100 for the houseguests.

Along the way, the season has had many memorable moments.

And it all ends with a two-hour season finale on November 9.

But since the season was so long, fans may have forgotten moments that happened months ago.

A typical summer season of Big Brother ends in mid-September, so everyone is in uncharted territory this time.

With the BB25 cast approaching Day 100, it’s time to look at some game moments fans may have forgotten.

The first Head of Household didn’t get to choose nominees

Reilly Smedley became the first Head of Household on Big Brother 25. But she wasn’t allowed to choose her nominees.

Four people were placed on the block for being the worst players in separate Day 1 challenges. They were Felicia Cannon, Cory Wurtenberger, Jared Fields, and Kirsten Elwin.

Reilly was allowed to remove two people from the block as the HOH, but she was already in a terrible spot due to the four automatic nominees. People held it against her that they were on the block, and then her gameplay became sloppy.

After her rough week as HOH, Reilly was targeted and sent home in Week 2.

A houseguest got expelled from Big Brother 25

Luke Valentine used the N-word on the Big Brother live feeds, leading to a backlash from people who saw it happen.

The production team decided to remove him from the game, citing a violation of the Big Brother Code of Conduct.

Luke was sent home on Day 8.

Jag Bains was evicted unanimously on Day 30

Cameron Hardin nominated Jag Bains and Blue Kim in Week 4. After Red Utley won the Power of Veto, nominations remained the same. The house then unanimously (10-0) voted to evict Jag.


Using a secret power he had won, Matt Klotz canceled the eviction and saved Jag. The power flip took away Cameron’s HOH, and Jag will make it to Day 100 in the Big Brother house.

Matt Klotz peed himself to win a Big Brother challenge

After Hisam Goueli was sent home in Week 3, the houseguests competed in an intense Endurance Challenge. Outgoing HOH Felicia watched on television as everyone else competed to keep their hand on a button.

The premise was simple enough — be the last person standing and win HOH. It took many hours to determine a winner, but along the way, there were some memorable moments.

One moment the live feed viewers saw was when Matt peed himself to stay in the challenge. Matt’s efforts didn’t pay off, as Cameron won the Endurance Challenge.

He later joked about it on the feeds.

Jared Fields used the R-word, told his mom that Izzy Gleicher revealed their secret

Jared Fields may have been the most chaotic player on the BB25 cast. He caused several controversies during his time in the house.

While serving as the Week 5 HOH, Jared called America Lopez the R-word. It led to a backlash on social media and a response from the Special Olympics.

Jared also hinted heavily to Blue Kim that his mom was in the house with him. She didn’t believe his story, but he later used it against her.

When Jared feared that Blue might come after him and his mom (Cirie Fields), he told Cirie that Izzy Gleicher may have revealed their secret to Blue. It was one of many unnecessary lies he told his mom while they played Big Brother together.

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