General Hospital Spoilers: Cody Tells Mac The Truth — Can This End Well?


Spoilers for General Hospital surface Josh Kelly’s character Cody Bell is curious about Mac Scorpio, his father. By keeping his biological father out of the picture and defending the truth for his own interests, he has truly manufactured a mountain out of a molehill. After the supposed DNA test revealed they were not father and son, he left Mac feeling confused and disconnected, never giving him a time to process the fact.

The whole time, Cody knew better and kept the truth to himself — insisting all the while that Mac didn’t deserve a shifty son like him, and he didn’t deserve a great guy like Mac in his life. Fortunately, that tide is about to turn, and Cody is going to find himself knee-deep in the one thing he’s never really had: Family.

Sasha Corbin Pushes Cody Bell To Come Clean

Sofia Mattsson’s character Sasha Gilmore Corbin recently admitted that she has grown fond of Cody, though not in front of him.

Instead, Cody heard her worries about working with him and is hesitant to express his own feelings for her. Instead, he wants to explore their feelings for each other.

As Sasha tries to distance herself from the sentiments she believes she isn’t ready to have, she can’t help but push Cody toward his family while they are canoodling over the Deceptor and grinning for the camera.

Squeal Maxie Jones Provides For A Softer Delivery

Sasha may not be able to convince Cody to tell his dad the truth right away, but when she suggests he talk to Maxie Jones (Kirsten Jones) first and lay the truth on her, Cody is going to jump all in if it’ll score him more time and support from Sasha.


Sitting down with Maxie and telling her they are step-siblings isn’t how she will have seen her day going over, and she won’t be down with keeping that kind of information from Mac and her mom.

Of course, Sasha always knew that and on some level, so did Cody. But he needed Maxie’s support going into this.

Mac And Felicia Scorpio Are Stunned

When Cody tells Mac the truth — that he is his son — all of the broken pieces of this family are going to fall into place.

The biggest obstacle to overcome might be Felicia Scorpio (Kristina Wagner), who immediately wanted to view the test results for herself after Cody lied about them, but Mac yanked her away and stifled her request.

He had known all along that he and Cody had a deeper bond, and he was unable to break it. While Mac might be willing to forgive Cody immediately, Felicia and Maxie might not be as quick.

Will that make it more difficult for Mac to get to know his son?

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