General Hospital Spoilers: Sonny’s Sinking Suspicion Might Sink His Marriage — Did Nina Do Carly Dirty?


Spoilers for General Hospital indicate that Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) may be beginning to doubt his new bride’s commitment to him. Even if Cynthia Watros’ character Nina Reeves isn’t going out with any new partners, she sure does hide a good number of secrets. When Carly Spencer (Laura Wright) implied that Nina never acts out of selflessness, Sonny didn’t want to consider the possibility that she was over the goal.

She is always self-serving. But now, having heard what Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) has gone through and that Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) knew all along, Sonny will start to question Nina’s character as she confesses she knew too.

Nina Reeves’s Guilty Conscience

When Nina erased the video clip of Charlotte Cassadine (Scarlett Fernandez) defacing Anna’s hotel room, she was aware that she was determined to follow through on this with her former spouse—all under her new husband’s back.

But now that he is aware of the reality, Sonny will be able to piece together the pieces and deduce that Nina was the one who assisted Valentin in pulling this off.

When she confesses that she knew about Charlotte’s fixation on Anna and said nothing all of this time, Sonny will have enough empathy to understand why she would want to protect her former stepdaughter, but that still won’t make him feel very good about sleeping with Anna’s enemy.


Report Sonny Corinthos Starts to Wonder

If Nina kept this misdeed to herself, it’ll dawn on Sonny that it’s not impossible she has kept other secrets close to her chest.

Could she be hiding something that led her to want to sell her half of the Metro Court Hotel back to Carly?

When she fails to give Sonny an answer that really makes sense — and also fails to tell him she was involved in the mess with Valentin at all until he presses her on it — he might lose some trust in his wifey while she remains oblivious to it. What else could she be hiding that she won’t cop to until he puts her on the spot?

Nina Reeves Is Clueless

Fortunately for Sonny, Nina won’t know he’s interested in her or that he has any suspicions about her actions. He might not even tell her that Carly stopped by to ask him questions.

Maybe he should just wait and see if she brings it up to him herself. That will give him even more to ponder when she doesn’t.

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