General Hospital Spoilers: Will Mac Learn Cody Is His Son Before It’s Too Late?


There are a lot of exciting storylines now circulating on the show that are attracting a lot of attention, but one in particular has “General Hospital” spoilers wondering if the pace will be a major error.

John J. York (Mac Scorpio) recently disclosed that he had a blood condition and will seek treatment. It appears that he is currently taking a break for that, and we wish him the best.

His work has long been admired by us, dating back to the Fox series “Werewolf.” We really are that old.

So when we started watching ‘General Hospital’ it was cool to see him in action again and we’ve loved seeing him every time he’s appeared.

But the pacing of the show could rob us and fans in general of a great reunion when Cody Bell (Josh Kelly) finally gets his head on straight and tells Mac he’s his son.

It’ll be a great moment, but like everything else, it takes time.

It should’ve happened by now

Of course, nobody is to blame for the way the timing transpired, and once more, nobody is to blame for John’s illness. Unless something really spectacular is in store for the big reveal, this is just one of those plots that doesn’t seem to need to be so long.

similar to a sickness that only a family member can treat.

Wouldn’t that be coincidental?

To be fair, Cody had other things to worry about, so it seems sense that other storylines were taking priority, but even so, it feels like a lost opportunity that hasn’t been realized until now.


The treatments will most likely be a success, and then it’s a matter of time until Mac comes back to our screens. But what if?

What if?

This is the part that’s hard for us write, but it’s a question we’ve been wondering about and it’s what if something does go wrong?

There’s no doubt the show will use it as a story formula to torture Cody even more and create more depth for the character, but they’ll miss out on so many other opportunities they could’ve had otherwise.

One of the most frustrating aspects of the drawn-out format of soap operas is that you never know what will happen at any given time.

All in all, we hope John has a speedy and complete recovery and we look forward to having him back in Port Charles.

How will Mac discover that Cody is his son, in your opinion? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below, and return to “General Hospital” Spoilers for the most recent rumors, spoilers, and news.

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