GH Spoilers: Shock And Confusion, Deadly Payback, Revenge Target, Suspicions


According to General Hospital teasers for the week of August 14, Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) and those who are chasing her will be the focus in Port Charles.

The superspy is featured in this week’s preview video, along with Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) and Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna), who are working to assist her in solving the mystery.

Has Victor Cassadine Accomplished His Mission?

The camera turns to reveal Port Charles police and firefighters dispersing in front of Anna’s burned-down house, which also has yellow “do not cross” tape all over it, as the GH weekly preview opens with somber background music.

Valentin may be heard on the opening voiceover of the video saying, “It started when my father outed your past and it looks like he got what he wanted.” Valentin is suspicious—his father is supposed to be dead, so what is going on? The scene changes as he speaks, allowing viewers to see that he is speaking to Anna on some steps that appear to be inside her home.

Meanwhile, between each scene of the preview video, the words, “who is after Anna?” splash across the screen. Who is behind all this?

The Word Of The Day Is “Payback”

The GH weekly video rolls on, showing Ms. Devane sitting on her house’s burnt steps, looking at a tablet, all alone.

The former WSB agent tells Dante that she thinks “they” (whoever is after her) want “payback” as the scene shifts to them inside the police station.

She enters her burned-down home with astonishment and confusion as Valentin follows her in the new setting.

The preview shows her and her lover sitting on the steps that were at the start of the weekly video while Cassadine says that she has been designated as the “target” of someone’s retaliation.

Fans find it difficult to not have doubts about Valentin and the potential part he might play in all of this.

What Could The Motive Be?

As GH’s preview for the week of August 14 wraps up, Anna is at the PC Police Station with Dante once again. He’s behind the interrogation table and she’s sitting in a chair when he declares it’s time for him to find out who had a “motive” for that fire. Looks like both Falconeri and Devane won’t give up until they get to the bottom of things.

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