Home And Away Fans Excited By ‘Awesome’ Hidden Detail In Recent Episode: ‘Oh Wow That’s Cool!’


One of the stars of the soap paid a sweet tribute to an important person in his life.

An eagle-eyed fan has spotted a sweet tribute in one of the latest Home and Away episodes. Kyle Shilling, who plays Mali Hudson, wore a sleeveless Togati branded top during a Summer Bay Surf Club scene.

The top wasn’t just a choice made by the wardrobe department, but a nod to someone special in Kyle’s life – his brother. The actor’s brother, Perry Langham, is the designer behind the new Aussie streetwear brand with the fan taking to social media to share the insight with fellow viewers.

“The Togati shirt that Mali was wearing tonight was designed by Perry (Kyle’s brother),” the fan wrote in a Home and Away Facebook group. “How awesome is that? Seems the talent runs through the family.”

While you can’t buy the exact sleeveless tank Kyle wore in the scene, there are similar items for sale from the Togati shop with the same logo. At the pricier end of the scale, you can purchase hoodies for $149.95 and crewnecks for $120. T-shirts will set you back $55 to $59.99, and you can grab a corduroy cap for $55.


The Home and Away star is a proud supporter of his brother’s business, and even modelled some of the t-shirt designs for the official Instagram account. He also links to the shop in his Instagram bio.

Fans excited over hidden detail

Fans were delighted by the hidden detail, with one saying Kyle’s mother must be “very proud of her sons”.

“Oh wow that’s cool!!” another wrote.


“[He’s] a handsome and charming young man,” a third chimed in.

“That’s awesome,” another remarked.

Kyle’s brother started the brand in 2023, with the first release dropping in July. He uses his brand to give back to the community, with 10% of t-shirt proceeds being donated to the Waves of Wellness Foundation. This charity provides “surf therapy programs” to connect those experiencing mental health issues.

“We, at Togati, believe strongly in supporting any solutions for mental health,” the brand wrote on Instagram. “Ask the question and look out for one another.”

Mali’s brother causes chaos in Summer Bay

This comes after Mali’s brother, Iluka – played by Dion Williams – arrived in Summer Bay. According to TV Week, some “very bad people” are searching for the new bad boy.

A spoiler reveals that Iluka takes a “shine to a Summer Bay” local, which appears to be Kirby Aramoana (Angelina Thomson).

“Gosh man it seems like lately whenever Mali and Rose get to spend time together, something or someone interrupts that,” a fan complained.

“Welcome to the bay Iluka. Hopefully he has brought a lot of drama to the show but hopefully not to cause drama for Mali,” another wrote.

“I don’t like him. He’s a bit scary and way meaner than the River Boys. Don’t know if we need his drama in the bay?” a third chimed in.

“Need another bad boy in the bay. Dean was trouble when he came and ended up [being] my favourite character. Miss him,” another added.

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