Interview: General Hospital’s Cynthia Watros Gets Lost In Hilarious Web Series


The GH star brings the funny to a a hilarious web series.

Nina Reeves might want to meditate before she makes an impulsive — and 100% legal — move to bust people for insider trading on General Hospital. Cynthia Watros, who plays Nina, knows all about meditating, but she enjoyed putting a humorous spin on deep thinking in a web series she shot a while back. The adorable actress spoke with Soap Hub about the experience.

Cynthia Watros Gets Lost

“I don’t have a problem poking fun at myself and how serious I can get,” Watros tells Soap Hub as to why she decided to put together the Web show Cynthia Watros Gets Lost. The title of the six-episode limited series is a play on words with the actress and the ABC cult drama Lost, on which she played Libby.

In the Web series, Watros plays a version of herself — an actress in Los Angeles who, at the time, was in between roles. To pass the time, she goes to therapy, acting class, and even works at a donut shop. In the Instagram post below, you can see how Watros tries to meditate in a class only to have her mind wander. “We’re sitting around in the meditation scene, and we see ‘Cynthia’ [get distracted],” Watros explains. “It’s definitely not easy for the mind to be so still.”



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Practice Makes (Almost) Perfect

Watros delivers that point in a comedic way by fantasizing about reading a book, eating ice cream, and doing her nails while others in the class manage to meditate. “Everyone is doing it perfectly, and I’m thinking about 100 different things,” she says. “Afterwards, everyone is saying they feel transformed, ‘Cynthia’ says, ‘I don’t! I feel the same!’”

Cynthia Watros: A Round of Applause

In real life, of course, Watros champions meditating and knows it’s not easy to get down. “Even if you manage to do it for one second, you should applaud yourself,” she encourages. “If you’re breathing, you can meditate. That’s okay. We don’t need one more thing to condemn ourselves for.”

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