Big Brother 26 In-Person Watch Party To Feature Many BB25 Alums


A fun Big Brother 26 watch party has been scheduled for the upcoming season premiere.

Azäh Awasum from the BB23 cast is hosting the two-night event set to take place in New York City.

She is also advertising that DJ NoSike will provide the music.

It’s a two-night event due to the BB26 premiere covering two episodes.

As a reminder, the first episode of Big Brother 26 arrives on Wednesday, July 17. It’s the first part of a two-night premiere to introduce the new cast.

Past 2 of the BB26 premiere is on Thursday, July 18.

Azäh Awasum announces the BB26 watch party

“FIRST DROP! Excited to release the first set of names confirmed for House Chops: BB26 2 Day Watch Party!” Azäh teased on an Instagram post.

“BB 25 is ready to DISCO! NYC can’t wait to welcome our friends from BB25-get ready for two days of INFERNO!” she added to the caption.

Many Big Brother 25 alums are attached to the event, serving as a reunion for the people who played the game last summer.

BB25 Jag Bains is being used as a headliner, but he’s not alone. The guest list includes Matt Klotz, Felicia Cannon, America Lopez, Cory Wurtenberger, Blue Kim, Mecole Hayes, Reilly Smedley, and Kirsten Elwin.

It’s an interesting list since some folks haven’t gotten along on social media following their season. This could indicate that some people will be at one event or the other (since it’s two nights).


Jag won BB25, with Matt finishing as the runner-up and Bowie Jane in third place. Felicia was the fourth-place finisher, and Survivor legend Cirie Fields finished fifth.

Azäh was on the BB23 cast. She finished in third place after playing the summer in The Cookout Alliance. Xavier Prather won that season, with Derek Frazier serving as the runner-up.

More news from the Big Brother universe

An extended Big Brother 26 promo just debuted on CBS. It was released to create buzz and give an early look at the house, a peek at the new logo, and a big tease about a possible theme.

Big Brother alums are also on The Traitors 3. Peacock is filming a new season of its hit reality competition show featuring more people from Big Brother, Survivor, Bachelor Nation, and Real Housewives.

Jackson Michie from BB21 is now a dad. The Big Brother 21 winner shared new photos of his wife and kid in a surprising revelation.

Previous seasons of Big Brother are streaming on Paramount+. That includes BB25 from last summer and BB23 from three years ago. Fans can also watch Big Brother: Reindeer Games from this past winter.

Big Brother 26 debuts July 17 on CBS.

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