Criminal Minds: Evolution Season 2 Episode 3 Recap: A Team Divided


Elias Voit may not have appeared in Criminal Minds: Evolution season 2, episode 3, but his actions still led a damaging domino effect for the team. Find out what happened in our recap.

Criminal Minds: Evolution season 2 episode 3, “Homesick,” may not have had Elias Voit on screen, but he still greatly impacted the team. Especially for Luke, who heard a horrific secret, he was ordered to keep from JJ. What was so bad that he had to keep it to himself? Did he do this? Here’s what happened in the episode including the appearance of a conspiracy theorist connected to Agent Prentiss, leaving more chaos in the BAU’s wake.

While the team was struggling to deal with Elias Voit and Gold Star, they were called to investigate an unrelated case. Victims who just moved into rental properties were found murdered just as they had gotten settled into their homes.

Since the team have a lot on their plate, Rossi and Tara were sent in to investigate. From what they could tell, the killer was surprising his victims, who were vulnerable in a new setting. The episode also introduced us to an expectant couple, making it obvious they would be possible victims.

Tara and Rossi were able to successfully work together to figure out the identify of the killer. Months prior, an incident at the Cosgrove Inn involving carbon monoxide poisoning had taken the lives of seven victims. One of the victims had a son, Kai Veneer, who fell on hard times with his father when they couldn’t find housing. All of the rentals that had been targeted were ones that they had been rejected from. Kai’s father had taken his own life, just before the murders started.

Could Elias Voit’s plot to divide the team work?

Thankfully, the police along with Tara and Rossi, arrived in time to save the couple and arrest their suspect. Rossi later admitted that he hadn’t thought of Voit once during the case, but that didn’t mean it didn’t still haunt him.

In the meantime, Penelope was tasked with figuring out where Tyler had disappeared to. He stopped coming to the FBI after the stakeout in the previous episode. Eventually, Penelope called him to tell him that he needed to come back or he would no longer be a consultant.

As it turned out, Green had taken to illegal activity to clone the phone belonging to Sebastian, the man who was behind the escrow account that was used for the strike team that had been killed. He informed Tyler that there were others in play when it came to everything happening with the case.
Tyler went to Garcia with what he found, but since he did everything illegally, he wanted her to take care of it in her role as the Black Queen.


As for what happened with Luke, he learned of a site on the dark web called BAU-Gate, which involved pornographic images of the BAU. While it was seemingly scrubbed a decade earlier, somehow Voit got a hold of it.

Emily told Luke not to tell JJ specifically. But JJ knew that Voit telling him about the site was a test. Voit believed that if Luke kept the secret then it would prove that he’s just like him. But, if Luke told JJ, he would hurt her. JJ, however, did know about the site, she just wasn’t aware of what it was being used for now.

Luke eventually admitted to her what was on the site, wanting JJ to be able to have the choice of what to do moving forward. The site now was focused solely on her, since the disgusting creeps behind it were able to use media footage of her days as a liaison in order to make AI-pornographic images of her.

Voit had wanted to sow dissent among the team, and it looks like his attempts might work. JJ could become upset with Emily for not knowing what was going on. Although now Emily has her own situation to deal with.

After a conspiracy theorist named Brian Garrity began talking about Doug Bailey’s murder, the FBI wanted Emily to take care of it. She did try to speak to him, but Brian claimed he would focus on his book. However, she later got a phone call from him to talk about Elias Voit.

When Emily arrived at the parking garage where they previously met, he was being beat up. She called 911, only to find the police arrived quickly. Brian proceeded to claim she attacked him. From the looks of it, now Emily may be in further hot water as Voit’s plot to divide the team continues to evolve. Plus, in the episode, we also saw that his wife finally agreed to talk to him to give the girls closure.

We’re not too sure what Voit’s end goal is, since there is no way his family will want him back after all of the hurt he has caused. With the team struggling and close to turning on each other, will he be successful? Hopefully it won’t be too long before the team gets another lead on Gold Star so they can shut him down for good.

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