Farmer Wants A Wife Star Ellen Dunger Complains She Didn’t Get Enough Air Time On The Show As She Slams The Edit For Making Her Appear Like A ‘Mute’


Farmer Wants A Wife contestant Ellen Dunger is the latest reality television star to slam her edit on a matchmaking show, but not for the reason some would think.

While many budding reality stars slam producers for making them look less than savoury, the ACM sports journalist, 29, who was paired up with Farmer Todd Melbourne, has taken issue with hardly appearing on the screen at all.

She took to Instagram on Monday to vent her frustration at coming off as a ‘mute’ on the Channel Seven series, and being ‘omitted’ from the final edit.

‘Honestly, it was the hardest thing I have ever done emotionally,’ the New South Wales native, who was eliminated in episode 15, began her lengthy message.

‘Having people grill you to tears day- in, day-out for more than half an hour at a time on why your previous relationships have failed, whether you think you deserve love etc. is not easy.’


Ellen went on to say the entire experience ‘drained’ her and while she doesn’t regret appearing on the show, she’s not ‘entirely overjoyed with it’.

‘As sad as that all is, I proved how bloody resilient I am and I am proud of that. I learned a lot about myself,’ she said.

‘I realised how many people I had in my corner and that is also very special. I got a good friend in Daisy Lamb [winner] who did, and still does, check in on me which speaks louder than any edit.’


Ellen finished off her post by thanking people who have supported her since her exit from the show and commended the fans ‘who sent emails off complaining about my obvious omission from the edit’.

Daily Mail Australia has reached out to Channel Seven for comment.

Fellow FWAW star Daisy, 27, who won season 14 of the series and captured Farmer Todd’s, 33, heart, commented under Ellen’s post to agree with her criticism of the matchmaking show.

‘I tell you more than anything, but I’m so fkn proud of you,’ Daisy wrote.

‘You are one of the funniest, most down to earth amazing people and I’m so glad to call you my friend through this whole ordeal. Your resilience shines through daily.

‘A big F**K YES to the cowboy boot earrings (epic) and a big F**K YOU to production who did you so dirty (still pisses me off).’

Daisy has previously slammed her own ‘disappointing and disgraceful’ edit on FWAW, with her and Todd’s pairing striking up controversy among viewers.

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