Tom Schwartz’s Puppy Act Is Getting Old


Vanderpump Rules has had its fair share of terrible men on the show, but some of them have been lucky enough to have grown up and matured their ways. In reality, only one guy has the potential to become the number one guy in the group because of his growth, and that is James Kennedy. In no way would viewers rank Jax Taylor, Tom Sandoval, and Tom Schwartz as the number one guys of the group. They have each shown they can be the worst of the lot. But for many years, viewers would grow softer when it came to Tom Schwartz because of his remarkable ability to turn into a nice guy who is dopey and quirky. Once people start seeing someone act like that, they soon forget their previous wrong doings. For years, Tom Schwartz has been seen as the “nice guy” or the one that is so quirky it is quickly forgotten what a horrible husband he was to Katie Maloney. Not only was he a terrible husband to her, but when it comes to business, he may not be the most reliable person to talk to, and he is also Tom Sandoval’s ride-or-die, which shows he has a terrible judgment call.

Throughout the years on Vanderpump Rules, Tom tried to show that any mistake he was making was not because he was the wrong person; it was because he couldn’t control himself when it came to making mistakes like cheating on Katie constantly. He is a person who doesn’t think about his actions and that anything he might do has consequences. He always seemed to believe that Katie would always be around as his wife and would never divorce him, but as time went on, Katie started to get tired of being looked at as the fool in the relationship, so she decided to divorce him. At that point, he started to see his little nice guy act was beginning to show only as an act because he did many things out of spite towards Katie, like always being at Tom Sandoval’s side when it came to decisions about their restaurant, Schwartz and Sandy’s and him kissing Rachel Leviss at Scheana Shay’s wedding. Vanderpump Rules’ latest season opened viewers’ eyes to what kind of person Schwartz is because of his treatment of newcomer Jo Weinberg. Even though she may not be the most trustworthy source, the “breadcrumb” she received from him throughout the season made it tough to watch their interactions.

Tom Can’t Be Taken Seriously

When viewers met Tom Schwartz in Season One of Vanderpump Rules, he was only known as Katie Maloney’s boyfriend and someone who had roomed with Tom Sandoval when they were younger. He was trying to become a model, and he would go on casting calls, but he never stuck to an actual job. In his relationship with Katie, she was the primary breadwinner between the two, and it showed frustration in her to see him being lazy when she would be killing herself by constantly picking up a shift at Sur. At the same time, he had fun during the day, which started to become frustrating for Katie, but nothing was done to make a change until she asked for Lisa Vanderpump’s help.

Lisa was trying to help Tom become an adult and a good partner for Katie by offering him a role as a bartender at one of her new restaurants, Pump. This seemed like a great idea and something that could help him reach the stability they had been looking for finally, but it didn’t help that Schwartz was a flaker. While on the shift, he got so stressed and overwhelmed by the orders that he had a panic attack and left the change w ithout returning to work. This was a pivotal moment for him and for viewers to see that he was a flanker who did not care about improving his life and did not consider his girlfriend at the time. It was incredible to see that even Lisa Vanderpump was disappointed in him for not being able to continue working for her, and he tried to use his nice act on Lisa, saying he was overwhelmed. Still, she didn’t buy it for a second. He tried to use his innocent act to get out of many things. He also made himself look like the victim any chance he could get, especially when it came to Katie, even though he was the one who was constantly saying things like “she’s disgusting” and even speaking in front of all of his friends about how he found her gross when, at the time, Katie was struggling with her confidence. It doesn’t help that her husband is making her feel worse.


Sandoval or Katie

When it comes to becoming a husband and being your wife’s partner in crime, Schwartz seemed not to understand the number one rule of marriage, which is always to have your wife’s back, no matter what. With him, he always chose Tom Sandoval over Katie whenever they argued. Katie has only been trying to help Schwartz become a more mature version of himself, but Sandoval would constantly brainwash Schwartz into thinking that anything Katie would do was to be a mean girl and go against him. It became a basic routine that viewers would see constantly. Still, it wasn’t until the guys started to have opportunities with Lisa Vanderpump and opportunities of their own that Katie got to a breaking point and decided to divorce Schwartz. Once the idea of Schwartz and Sandoval having a restaurant with LVP, it seemed that Schwartz was getting to the end of being a better person, but opening his restaurant ruined a lot for him.

The infamous Schwartz and Sandy’s made the cast and viewers go crazy, from the many changes they made to the restaurant to the constant fights about it. What was supposed to be something that both Sandoval and Schwartz were proud of became something that made many of their relationships fall apart, especially for Schwartz. Katie was a very supportive wife, in her way, to Schwartz when it came to the restaurant, and as a supportive partner, she was always the one asking questions regarding the business. Both Toms were clueless about their place, but Katie always questioned them because she wanted them to succeed, which was the most essential part of their journey. What was supposed to be seen as support was seen in a different light by Schwartz, and he would constantly shut down her to give her opinion. It got to a point where he would shut her down in front of everyone and embarrass her, and she decided to divorce him.

Not a Relationship Guy

Tom Schwartz should not get involved in another relationship until the person is right for him because, from experience with Katie, he needs to have the right mindset to be with a partner. He only thinks about his best friend, Tom Sandoval, and this may be a relationship that should be done, since he’s not helping his image. A realization for many viewers that Schwartz is not a great person was his betrayal of Katie after their divorce when she made a rule not to hook up with anyone in their friend group. He broke that rule when he wanted to hook up with Rachel Levviss at Scheana Shay’s wedding. This was the most significant form of betrayal for Katie because it seemed everyone was parading that relationship without even thinking about her feelings, but what became the biggest shock was that he was a decoy for the lies that Raquel and Sandoval had been starting to create.

Not only did Schwartz kiss Raquel, but another person who crossed the line in Katie and Schwartz’s life was his friend Jo Wenberg, since she tried to be in a relationship with him. This was a point on which Katie did not trust her because she was also involved in the Raquel and Sandoval scheme, which made many cast members lose respect for Jo. On the other hand, with this relationship, it was clear that he couldn’t be in a relationship since he was only stringing Jo alone and breadcrumbing her without her even realizing it. He would constantly deny the relationship he had with Jo, which started to affect her and made her feel like she was being hidden, and he was embarrassed of her. His innocent act is getting old, and Tom Schwartz needs to find ways to grow up and become successful, but if he continues his ways, he may not be ready to move on to the next chapter and continue having Peter Pan Syndrome.

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